Ready for the unexpected: Navy tugs unit ready for action

צילום: חיל הים

The unit, which is responsible for the ongoing functioning of naval vessels, ready for any ride on a “start from the moment to moment”

תאריך: 10/08/2014, 12:08    
מחבר: אלעד הלפרין, אתר צה”ל

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חיל הים

Throughout operation “Cliff”, Navy tugs unit allows
The current functioning of the vessel of the force and ensures absolute naval superiority.
The unit, which consists of mixed teams of boys and girls, provides an immediate response to every need of Navy vessels and optionally search and rescue from water.

The only role he supply and all naval vessels which take part in the operation. Whether it is a logistical or mechanical equipment, the unit responsible for the operation of the various tools. The unit, which does not have the word (ongoing security) is based on according to needs of ons and force most of its activity is planned. This is because the unit operates vessels available, cheap to use-you can read all
A task within a very short time. “Marine Navy real progress this unit”
Explained to the IDF website, Marina רנ”ג Commander Moti. “We start by any demand force. The moment to moment tells us that need to move equipment to SETI.

At any given time, the unit activates immediate reading team which is waiting to ride and more available alert staff to run within an hour of reading. “Throughout the operation, tugs are in a lot of hours for any purpose, and the motivation of the troops remains very high,” said Motty רנ”ג. “The response is immediately in order to maintain the high level of the Corps during operation.

A major emphasis is given in the unit is on the role of women, growing over time and nowadays they constitute the central power unit. “More than two-thirds of the unit’s soldiers are,” said Motty רנ”ג. “Two of the ships shown are unprecedented. There is no way to overstate the importance of women to a single function. Indeed, women perform the roles, starting with the most junior positions to senior.
“There is no difference between boys and girls on the teams are mixed and equal, as far as we’re concerned this creates operational integrity, summed, grated command emblem.

Translated from Hebrew