Rebuilding Gaza: from pilot to transport construction materials

המשאיות בכרם שלום. צילום: מתפ”ש

The building materials are delivered: 660 tons of cement, 50 trucks aggregates and iron trucks || UN mechanism to monitor and ensure that the inputs used for the renovation of buildings

תאריך: 14/10/2014, 13:34    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

Pilot to transport construction materials for renovating the Gaza Strip starting today (14.10). Construction materials transferred include 600 tons of cement, 50 trucks and trucks aggregates.

Building materials, transfers are carried out according to the marginality supervision and control, which will be managed by representatives of the United Nations in cooperation with the Palestinian Authority, as agreed with the Coordinator of government activities in the territories, Maj. Gen. Yoav (Polly). The mechanism is designed to ensure that construction products used for renovation of houses and public buildings for the benefit of the people of Gaza while maintaining Israel’s security.

The supervision and control mechanism includes a detailed plan of construction inputs, equipment and materials subject to them will be transferred to residential buildings and refurbishment of infrastructure. In addition, supervisory personnel and UN control monitor construction.

Rebuilding Gaza: from pilot to transport construction materials

Inspection teams and the control or monitor construction. Photo: open

In addition, pursuant to the civil-economic measures to help the population in the Gaza Strip
And in Judea and Samaria, in the coming weeks will begin marketing agricultural produce from Gaza
For Judea and Samaria. The first phase will ship in produce 9 tons, mostly dates and sweet potatoes. Over time are other types of agricultural and fisheries.

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