The Passover holiday and Chol are characterized by a lot of passengers. Hundreds of police and volunteers to fan out across the country to help the aim tnoahamshtert
Israel completed preparedness for the Passover holiday in order to service the citizens of Israel to reach their destination.
Safely. Holidays and Chol are days characterized by movement
And in travellers flock to the parks, beaches and recreation centers to centers
The shopping.

Officers and volunteers will be deployed throughout the country and manage the movement of axes and main nodes
I found significant, according to analysis carried out by the Research Department of the traffic Division
Based on past years.

Police and volunteers during the holiday focus on service to the public in the management and execution of targeted enforcement
Life threatening offences that cause accidents. You must take
Consider that despite the effort to manage the movement of traffic is expected, due to mileage level.

The expected load

Christmas Eve:
9:00 am
5:00 pm
Until 7:30 pm
11:00 pm

Christmas night/Saturday:
5:00 pm

7:30 am
Until 8:00 pm

Their own expense:
7:30 pm

Drivers and road users:
There are sound
The police and the volunteer movement
The port earlier on Christmas Eve and not wait to the last minute “”
From stopping on the way but Scholl, emergency bays and hangouts.
A defect in the car, call 911 and 100 waiting beyond the Defense until a police car arrives
To keep restraint and safety devices to children and to avoid any distraction during driving, especially
Sending text messages (SMS).
Long trips with children, you may want to prepare in advance for employment for children during the trip.
In order to avoid the driver oblivious
For drivers
Avoid drinking alcohol before dawn. Israel Police deploy “situational positions.”
The inviting drivers to test their familiarity
Night driving or driving, keep constipation refresh often.
Drivers must pay attention to two particularly cyclists, commuters on the roads
You must find out
Caution for pedestrians in General and children in particular. Keep in mind that many of them are on vacation and doing
Using the hinges and across the street.

New young and sometimes inexperienced, Passover vacation en masse on the road and driving hours
Long throughout the country. In order to avoid accidents caused by lack of driving experience,
We encourage the public to give priority in each travel experience as the driver hands the life of the passengers.
In the car, as well as the lives of other road users.

Happy holiday
And ride safe!

Translated from Hebrew