Recruiting divers: a glimpse of the new training to the depths

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Fresh Diver course graduates will be trained in new trends, the modern submarine which touching tzzoid naval weapons systems and improved detection capabilities. School census
“The enemy diver refine those measures.”

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גיוסי מרץ 2014

New professions for divers of the 21st century: Bowen of the new submarines for the Navy,
About the new technology and the advances embodied in them, led to the development of new roles in device divers. The divers who are now the basic phase to phase, will be dedicated in new trends. The process began with the arrival of the submarine ins crocodile, and continues with the submarine ins rahav during 2014.

The current course, to professional training stage, the first to be admitted to the two new positions in the control and sonar. At the same time, were the future of
School “These officers are trained on the super type a dolphin,” testified
Major j., Chief diver school.

Recruiting divers: a glimpse of the new training to the depths

“The new submarines have new systems, and therefore new capabilities: confidentiality and ability long stay under the water,” said Commander
School Can u convert energy systems new AIP (submarine propulsion air-independent air independent propuls), allowing them to stay longer under water.  Moreover, the new submarines will be maritime weapon systems and improved detection capabilities, specializing in new trend.

The trend, for example, because the position of the new control. “Larger submarine kdmotihan, which long ago them other challenges even in case of encountering with water streams. The new stance is intended to enable them to move easily, “explained major.

Recruiting divers: a glimpse of the new training to the depths

In addition to changing the standard Diver course, it
A single conversion course for veteran divers who served on ins, crocodile addition opens
For Veterans ins rahav. Submarine crew includes veterans certified in Germany, divers and other submarines converted files and new soldiers as they went to their shcors
Was a battleship, major news.

The daily routine of a complex order in training, theoretical lessons in class, frequent campaigns (six to 12 miles), experiences
In simulators, and above all-visits and stays. “Obviously you always try training
To stay relevant to the field. Today it is a match to complex scenes, when enemy Polish
That those measures. As a result of this scenario when he left, “simulators, explained.

The commander said that school staff strives to answer
Needs of the students. “Informational sessions are held for parents, and provided them ways of communicating with the commanders,” he said. “We found that parents calm and know more backing and support their children.
Ultimately, our goal is that soldiers like where they are, “he concluded.

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