Refresh stations are upgraded for fighters: mobile showers and catering services

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Dozens of אט”ל refresh htniidot stations in the Gaza Strip,
Combat forces during the pause – mobile showers and clothing to lighting and charging stations for mobile phones

תאריך: 03/08/2014, 16:35    
מחבר: עומר שליט, אט”ל

Due to the success of the rest of the squad in return “in Judea and Samaria (link), a new Refresh stations were in operation” Cliff “. The stations are intended for any incoming fighter Regiment. In the current operation, the station location changes every day depending on the forces, and it also contains mobile showers. “The idea is basically to enable the pause of several days for giving a break to the fighting,” said tactical רמ”ח logistics technological and Logistics Directorate (אט”ל), Colonel Yoram azulai.

Following the Gaza ground Logistics Division et Commission for providing a solution.
For Warriors. The prolonged delay in the Conference was enabled to develop mobile showers. “You have to preserve the operational forces, which is also done by resting,” explained Colonel azulai. “Sometimes we get for ourselves and it when it comes in and forces. So far we have reached many regiments of
-Divisions and paratroopers, infantry battalions, along with Noah and gunners. Today we can start up to eight concurrent refresh “stations, elaborated.

Due to the deployment of troops, the Logistics Division required to short and fast network, depending on the change of power locations “אט”ל centers – equipment, fuel, food and ammunition sent teams to the area. The soldiers get shoot immediately, “Deputy Commander of the logistics of southern command, Lt. Col. Moshe. “The beauty in this is that we know how to get in a few hours ‘ notice,” he added.

The forces from the Gaza Strip after several days of operational missions receive 24 hours
Of rest, where they provided individual services such as catering, towels, hygiene kits, (kntinot service the soldier) and more. Instead of the “enhanced” drinks position created by the construction, and the heavy water more easily.
“Every position contains eight drinking taps in place of the previous posts that contained six. The stand
Even more portable and folds easily, which allows to get more such posts to soldiers, said רמ”ד construction of southern command, Maj. Paul.

Refresh stations are upgraded for fighters: mobile showers and catering services

Following the demand of housing space to produce over 40 such positions, in addition to lighting and charging stations for mobile phones. In addition, the soldiers receive replenishment of medical equipment, ammunition, clothing and fuel for vehicles. “We’re worried about refresh
To replenish the battalion’s medical equipment, runs out pretty quickly naturally during wartime, “said Dr. Ziv, Deputy medical officer of a paratroopers Battalion 101.

Throughout operation “Cliff” heard positive feedback of the soldiers in the field in the subject. “We are pleased to see that soldiers are doing their jobs faithfully, winners
To receive food and chips alone, “said Lt. Col. Moshe. “There were a lot of assignments, and the newest equipment, had told a reserve unit from bahad 1. “I
Very pleased, and it certainly helped a feeling of continuing hostilities. It filled me up, “powers said.

Translated from Hebrew