Date: 2009/09/2014, 7:58 pm the IDF spokesperson onlyone ethics (c), 14 תשע”ד, 9 Elul September 2014, topolnsky holidays champion as head of manpower.
The Exchange ceremony held at “base” at Tel Hashomer, Chief of the General staff, General Benjamin (Benny) Gantz.
Hagai topolnsky replaces Ali champion role love, which this role during the past three years and a Palestinian mother after 34 years of service.
Chief of general staff, Gen. Benjamin Gantz (): “knowing that our commanding officer in front of their eyes.
All times are two: Mission and people. In the case of head-personnel people are. I’ve always been blessed in and professional people, and they affect more than elsewhere, the quality of the people they’re Israeli strength and might, people are the Foundation of our work, and the right treatment is ensuring our success!
For three years successfully leading the manpower Directorate, front of significant moves regarding the character and nature of sensitive subjects. IDF that are at the heart of public debate and direct impact on populations-officers serving in the IDF, soldiers and non-commissioned officers: regular, permanent and reserve retirees and civilian employees. the ashiithch could see also tackling the challenges “Cliff”.
The reserve recruitment, answering the support he had received all their feel and fighter of the casualties were from professional quality shell helped every.
I’d like to congratulate head-personnel topolnsky holidays. Haggai, over time did many prominent positions in the air force, and they proved that you control and an officer, professional and dedicated. Throughout your service inhaling to the highest peaks and touching them successfully.
According to the head of personnel, Maj. Gen. Ali love: “on human resources has the responsibility to identify the challenges that the current and future security and formulate an optimal response the service remuneration and preparedness of the IDF operation, see you in dealing with mshimotichm in the field and at Headquarters out of a sense of mission, dedication, professionalism and an unwavering moved the total commitment to the success of the mission. The champion crew replacements, Hagi topolnsky, wish the best of luck from the bottom of my heart. There is no doubt in my mind that you bring with you to the job when promoting norms and the heights. “
According to the head of personnel, “Army Gen. Hagai topolnsky built over the years a strong army, a military deterrent and crucially, on military capabilities and advanced in the world, Amal but secret power and real power source has always been and will be the people and spirit. Orna, pioneer and trailblazer, not being a woman, but because of her personality and talent.
My expectations are high this will formation demands. When your commanding officer, promising to allow influence selling activity, give you back up and be billed for each one of you.
Big challenges. Together we can, and more.

Translated from Hebrew