Rescue under fire: call to פקע”ר are operating in Gaza Strip

צילום: דובר צה”ל

When it comes to fighting in the occupied territories, there is a risk of collapse for Warriors forces in this case the fighters come in and employ their skills: the force has the tools and the training to deal with such a situation is us. “

תאריך: 29/07/2014, 14:25    
מחבר: מיכל גלברד, אתר צה”ל

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פיקוד העורף

Shachar battalion fighters district sustaining of the home front command is preparing for these days when they will command must use professional skills to rescue soldiers in the heart of the battlefield. “Combat forces entering homes in Gaza many times when operational activities,” explained to the IDF website, battalion commander Lt. Col. Dudu abada.
“If a House on course-warriors can form a site with several fighters are trapped under the rubble. The force has the tools and the training to deal with such a situation is us. “

Bats need manipulated forces run the battalion is unlikely because of the threats.
Many of the challenging combat, booby which cached credentials are used, for anti-tank missiles that can be fired at a building which housed the artillery troops to פצמ”רים, etc. “Rescue capabilities in the country we are building additional qualifications like
Combat knowledge “, said Lieutenant Colonel abada. “This is very threatened, so we practice every
The chshirviot and integrate them. “

“Understand that threats are changing and the trick is to see where you can grow.”

To be able to perform the work battalion rescue in the best possible way, it must work in coordination with the warrior in the sector. “We held several exercises in the past when we login in threatened,” said Lieutenant Colonel abada. “In an ideal situation we try to combat battalion prepare sterile space as much as possible, so our Battalion soldiers will focus on rescue”.

However, between the regiment that during operation the space might not allow. “The situation.
In the field under fire is different, therefore we prepare the power so you can make security part, while others engaged in extracting depending on the space and the ability of the battalion to secure the space attacks “, elaborated.

As mentioned above, this time dawn battalion troops are on alert to when required,
To get the maximum speed. “Even though he’s young formation, he was able to develop in the past a combination of the rescue world extensions now examine for cause”, Lieutenant Colonel abada.
“So far we have been able to concentrate on our main mission, which is extracted nearby civil but now we realize that the threats and the wisdom of an operational Regiment is always to show how you can develop, run and develop further service.” The need for rescue training under fire on enemy territory occurred during operation “cast lead”, so the rescue Regiment pop-up awl. “the concept is different than. Professional readiness, operational and better that feisty, and consequent on Patel’s procedures, “said Meg.

Furthermore, the battalion conducted with special equipment, bags that allow them to explore how leg with extraction equipment. “There are dedicated pages allow military bags
Carry equipment, instead of using containers and cars, as they do in destruction sites inland.
Because you cannot reach the Gaza site with trucks and therefore need to work differently, “said Lieutenant Colonel abada. “We are prepared to work either on foot and mobility through different platforms offering southern command.”

Translated from Hebrew