Riding on nostalgia: the return of the bands bus

As in the days of “the band”, and as part of trend to bring the military into bands of fighters staying more than ever in the Forex Education corps, revisit the bus and ensure “the return, and more bands.

תאריך: 05/05/2014, 20:00    
מחבר: מיכל גלברד, אתר צה”ל

להקות צבאיות
חיל חינוך

Independence day, and many citizens of the country indicate that tradition watching videos featuring the works nostalgic old on Israel. All television channels dedicated to the mission and bringing movies and marathons, as every year, the film featuring the band. ‘ The band ‘, film-and a milestone in Israeli culture, commemorates the alarm status of the military bands as the country’s first ashoria.

Many scenes in the movie occur around or inside the bus, one of the bands ‘ Doug took the soldiers chanted to the distant fighters. Many of the servants at that time can restore to me the spirit of the bus to the Fort, and the icon representing the bands here.

Riding on nostalgia: the return of the bands bus

The years passed and those Alumni bands mythologies already considered elders in the music industry. Most of the young halipiham no longer sign a recording contract on the day of release. The play ethos. And the bus? He long ago dropped off. Until recently.

The festive event was inaugurated last month, and the new bands bus, donated courtesy of Karen.
To States and to use the 30 military bands and bands IDF Theater nowadays, bounded under Culture Branch education and Youth Corps. The event was attended by education and youth officer
Brigadier General Avner, Paz, who also sentenced ו’גילה, below old photos of
Bus-heir, and the caption is perched on it clearly and avoidance
Supplier: “bus” military bands.

“Soldiers these days serve time lengthens, loot Government operational reasons”, said קח”ר. “Eventually reaching a remote outpost-sometimes 15 soldiers-uniformed soldiers bringing them some culture, and some laughter and fun, and breaking their routine, it affects. The same soldier in higher motivation to serve in the post, will be more effective, assignments and feel that IDF invested not only operational but also in spirit “.

Riding on nostalgia: the return of the bands bus

Since the idea was born, and it was time to drive by car soldiers cultural sector the length and breadth of the land of Israel, passed her a year and a half. ” From idea to implementation, from the donor to the initiator and the operation, this product is the work of many people.  The idea, to ensure that the culture, creative idea, not at all self-evident after many years each
So without him, “said Brigadier General Paz. “Members of the bands and the theater, I’m sure working hard, work hard. We want to be relevant, to influence and to make
Good for soldiers “, said to the men.

The need to bus it was known that the bands-which are many times the Center bases capable mobile, or formal occasions do not automatically prosecute
Provides the basic function: to the soldiers in the field. “We realized there was a problem with reaching the end units and remote bases, find it difficult to get the mobile bands. The bands first and foremost are designed for Warriors, “said head Col. Harel, compiler.
“The bus is accessible to soldiers culture boundaries.

As part of the concept, derived from tktsiivim, constraints are reduced considerably trained civilian orders to צה”ליים, and the ceremonies of eiishot bands this role successfully.
“Military bands today are excellent and most talented troops serving here.
Although the different bands than in the past, especially in this age of reality, but I don’t think
The glory days behind them. The bands come back big time, “Lieutenant Colonel Harel.

Education and youth Officer Chief believed that this bus is a landmark, perhaps.
Step back to gdoltan of the mythology. “You will see on that bus create buzz that showcases not only our return to origins and traditions, but also
Vitality and relevance to us today. Units will compete among them on the bus and the bands. Service pressure will increase, and we have to address “. “We see this bus around the country and comes every assigned and reassigned. Like in the old days, the rise of the single beacon gate, here came the packs.

Translated from Hebrew