Rifles and ammunition were seized in extrusion

האמל”ח שנתפס, צילום: דו”צ

Power of נח”ל גדס”ר took the weapons from the home of a oskim known to inhabit

תאריך: 27/01/2014, 17:58    
מחבר: דנה פטרוב, אתר צה”ל

The strength of the battalion’s tour place revealed today (Monday), during the course of an operation in Balata camp, M-16 rifle, two shotguns and ammunition. In addition the power revealed
Suspect trunk pipeline object that was passed to test bomb.

The weapons were in a oskim known to inhabit the suspect, who apparently planned to carry out an attack against Israeli civilians or soldiers, arrested
And delivered to the armed forces.

The arrest was carried out after intelligence indication about a person who holds the Middle House.
Combat. The arrest before quietly apart from the small disturbance developed near the suspect’s House and was dismantled by force. The force went on foot to the refugee camp to arrest the wanted person “, said Geddes, Lt. Col. Joe me. “This is a complex task.
Because we have to deal with crowded refugee camp to get undercover. Besides
Order of arrest violation before alone, we were able to surprise and to find the weapon. “

נח”ל גדס”ר to succeed him several operational achievements in the Samaria region – including prevention of a terrorist squad and numerous arrests. “Our mission in sector includes dealing with פח”ע on the axes and protecting the settlements, in addition to the game “, said Lieutenant Colonel liberty” across the defence mission we strive to remain on war readiness and training teams.

Translated from Hebrew