Rode north: rionerim ideology work in innovative martial techniques

צילום אילוסטרציה: דובר צה”ל

Viewed: reserve battalion for matted “RAM” practiced in combat, and that in a short time due to the reserve formation efficiency

תאריך: 04/11/2014, 13:20    
מחבר: דנה פטרוב, אתר צה”ל


Go to: first level of reserve Armor Battalion designed “RAM” was held recently in the Golan Heights. As part of the training work of warriors fighting techniques, innovative, unique
Tailored to the contours. Unlike previous exercises, which were most complex (dry training centre) btzalim, practice in the Golan is designed to simulate as best the dedicated space. “Usually photo practice in the South,” the battalion commander, Lt. Col. (Res.) AVI Cohen. “The techniques
The new complexities that we wanted, we decided to do the exercise on the Golan Heights, new shell, “he added.

The highlight was the brigades preparations conducted a year before him. Preparations included the development of combat techniques in closed areas, especially the North. The men arrived in the Golan Heights, and loaded onto a tank Merkava mark three. The exercise included the opening of axes and the occupation of key points in the Golan Heights area. “It is clear to everyone what a work ethic and what steps need only to perform this kind of task, specify a formatted control” RAM, “Colonel Yoav tilan. “It can’t work without motivation, which is one of the key tests of the Regiment at this stage,” said.

Given the efficiency reserve formation,
Armored battalion is required to complete the task within a few days. In order to ensure compliance with the objectives, the battalion headquarters and staff carried out works, including implementation and learning processes by the preparation of the dishes. “Our challenge as a reserve battalion is to maintain the qualification”, specify.

“Exercise is the culmination of preparation. Reserve personnel know what to do at any moment to bring the required achievements, “concluded the Majles.

Translated from Hebrew