Security forces attacked the hijackers that killed boys scheme;

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Marwan Abu ‘ Ayesha ‘ Amer Kawasmeh and suffered losses as a result of an exchange of gunfire during an operation to arrest which took place overnight in Hebron. Chief of staff: “we promised to families, and Frankel that reach both killers and this morning.”

תאריך: 23/09/2014, 07:49    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

For release: IDF activity in collaboration with the who performed tonight (Tuesday) in Hebron attempted arrest of Marwan and Abu ‘ Ayesha ‘ Qawasmeh, who kidnapped and killed Naftali frenkiel, Gilad Shaer and fagr was during the firefight, the activity as a result of which two were injured. “One of killed, and both have the ability to evaluate killed but it is not sure,” explained Commander, Brigadier General outright convert let.

For details about “operation return”

Chief of general staff, Benjamin (Benny) Gantz spoke this morning with OC Central command, Maj. Gen. Nitzan Alon, and congratulated him on the circuit is closed and the blade damage. On new year’s Eve was blocked and the operation which begun brothers on Friday, June 13th and continues throughout this period with determination, “said the Chief promised families Shaer, and Frankel that reach both killers and this morning you. There’s no comfort to the families in their grief and in their pain, but I hope that they are slightly relieved with the news that hit both killers.

The location of the attack which was carried out last June found in Hebron, following an intelligence operation consists of the General Security Service. This strengthened during the week, and around 1 am tonight closed the security forces in the Northwest of Hebron where the hiding of, slick on
The basement of the building. After performing the procedure “pressure cooker” IDF forces down through the upper floor dug up the building and opened the basement roof key from him and opened the
Fire. “We started in the pressure cooker that the us armed and we had information that they were going to fight, and this is the case,” said Mao “in advance that gunfire had done to the walls of the House
That will allow them to leave, but they don’t come out and there was no response. Begun under the measures, to the point where they begin to fight.

Security forces attacked the hijackers that killed boys scheme;

Hebron. Photo: IDF

One of ambokshim was killed on the spot in an exchange of fire.
Interpol’s two injured and fell into the hole in the basement floor, and hence the uncertainty in determining death. Of out of armed hideout in M16 rifle, a Kalashnikov rifle and a pistol. “They go out and shoot. One killed and one falls into the House, described the Mao. “shot and threw cargo inside, there isn’t much chance that he survived.”

Both of they boys to families of Hamas activists were detained in the past several times due to involvement in Hamas activities. Also, the night also arrested Bashar Al-Qawasmeh and tear, Qawasmeh Qawasmeh of Arafat the Qawasmeh is 14 July guilty that helps hide killers after murder
The boys.

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