Sharon funeral Chief: “the IDF will continue to exist as”

הרמטכ”ל גנץ מצדיע בהלווית שרון, היום. צילום: דובר צה”ל

The most popular Forum members gathered at Latrun to salute the coffin. Lt. General Gantz
Obituary for Sharon champion “and proceed to prepare the IDF commander in the wind that left”. Ceremony:

תאריך: 13/01/2014, 14:49    
מחבר: דנה פטרוב, שחר רופין ומערכת אתר צה”ל

Gen. Ariel (Arik) Sharon had brought today to rest the Givat anemones ”
A full military funeral. Before his companion, was Sharon’s closet “Yad lashiryon site” in Latrun, near where Gen. Sharon wounded in Israel’s war of independence, a Special Conference of popular forum that gathered to salute.

“I’m here to tell you that the IDF will continue to exist as Lenore and for many years,” said Chief Lt. General Gantz later in the day at a funeral. “I came to money how will continue and will shape the IDF commanders in the light of the features showed you as Commander. A sober glance at the morning wind initiative
And determination. How to pick the best of the brave bluhamim bmstarim, the future of many of these days will be the senior commanders and heroic icons of the IDF and the sweeping leadership stir others to stand on their heads. It seems that no combat perception cannot identify where your prints as Commander. “

Sharon funeral Chief: “the IDF will continue to exist as”

The tribute event of popular forum in Latrun. Photo: IDF

Lt. General Ganz added that “offensive initiative every mission, the volume on both informed of my fitness ashrit shaped army, determined, alert and defeat the enemy.
Army initiates operation and intimidating his mission-winning the battle and ensuring the security of the nation Israel in Israel and the diaspora, and to our country, the State of Israel is so loved. Among the commanders serving in the Israel Defense forces continue to tzmoch them, that you will bear with the weight of responsibility. I pledge that we will continue to achshirtam the wind left when. When I demand them to Chief usher, idom, analyze the reality, to plan and prepare to fill
Mission. “

The Chief also discussed the decision last night to read the tutorial in the South named Gen. Sharon and said
“The initiative and daring side, placing the realization of Ben Gurion’s vision, which allowed us. In this great commitment to. Many bases in central Israel
And are not to be copied, the guidance will carry your name, while they bring benefits and tnepot, development, the IDF and the State of Israel. Memory and your name, alongside moves each of the IDF soldiers who iochschr, provide another means to ensure that in the future, will continue to illuminate the way of Bonilla and generations of the country.

“The figure will accompany us into the future.”

Lt. Col. Yoav Brunner, a battalion commander in the paratroopers, 890 said IDF website today that “Sharon’s heritage influenced me more in education from home. Talked about too.
At home, his image as a farmer and a leader. After entering the regiment even in my speech, I put his stuff on our actual work “.

Lieutenant Colonel Brunner says that “Sharon outlined the password not coming back until she and the battalion’s motto to this day and it’s very relevant, no soldier who doesn’t know who said it. Also as a junior, as captain, and Sharon left a serious legacy. The steadfastness that something that stands out among the fighters and the regiment. It is not man who turns back, even after he was wounded.

“His contribution to it, the fact that he went on to contribute to the country through all roles,” says Bruner, “Lt. Col. Sharon invested by his life, time and energy.
It is not trooieli in the age at which people who choose not to serve. It is a symbol and an example that accompany us all the way in the future. “

Translated from Hebrew