Shells at the ready: recruitment to the artillery corps from

צילום: דובר צה”ל

Every recruit, you join a year ago on operational experiences
In: “we knew now we don’t just shoot at targets or terrorists, but really to save lives.”

תאריך: 24/11/2014, 08:11    
מחבר: יפתח כרמלי, אתר צה”ל

גיוסי נובמבר 2014

“All of a sudden and started yelling ‘ fire rescue, fire rescue, restore corporal Shaked levy,” Tiger “battalion of artillery corps, artillery batteries and operator. When he describes occurred in one of the most significant incidents during operation “Cliff”. Fire the cannon helped paralysis to enemy forces and rescue could arrive safely to the battle zone and extract. “We heard the sound of the fighters they click, they’re losing soldiers. We know now we can’t just shoot at targets or terrorists, but really to save lives, “he added.

CPL. Levi enlisted just a year ago, in November 2013, the year that has passed since the long training course for him came directly to operational activities in the Gaza Strip.
“I came to a training battalion, and four days later already offer,” says cpl. Levi. “Cut off us, we have prepared the dishes as soon as possible and after we were on our way to the South. Towards the bottom, fired smoke shells to cover the units and make it harder for Hamas to fire anti-tank missiles. “

CPL. Levi is no stranger to turquoise beret – his father was Deputy Commander of naval battery, and his brother was a fighter the MLRS battalion. However, the artillery was not obvious to him, at least initially. “People don’t understand the importance of artillery corps sometimes, but cliff with them ‘ made me truly appreciate the force,” he admits.

Upon hearing the word “artillery” great imagination, an image of the dusty mplachot batteries the air in superficial shelling toward the enemy. Although the cannons were and remain a major component and an action today, including a variety of values, including special units that use weapons and deadly accurate, and an unmanned aircraft to gather intelligence and other tasks. All provide critical capabilities for ground combat on the battlefield.

To mtagiisi November 2014 of the Corps, corporal Levi recommends not to rush out to commanders immediately after. “When you get to see what operational battalions that brotherhood warriors, you learn what it really is and taking a serious task. The people here at a high level. “

Translated from Hebrew