Shooting for IDF force Egypt surface

גבול מצרים. צילום ארכיון: דו”ץ

Apparently this is a drug smuggling case || Company and a Caracal battalion were wounded as a result of the shooting, and Puno officially mossek for medical treatment || The IDF spokesperson:
We fail to respond to any attacks on IDF forces and residents of the State. “

תאריך: 22/10/2014, 20:01    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

Shooting for IDF force Egypt surface

Shooting in the afternoon a surface force Egypt
The IDF carried out routine operations near the border. As a result of gunfire wounded company commander in the Caracal battalion and was evacuated, and regularly mossek for medical treatment.

B’Tselem’s research indicates that this is an IDF event violent smuggling drugs from smugglers fired at IDF force forperforming tour. Fire
Opened from three locations on the West side of the fence. IDF troops responded with fire, which apparently were injured, at least three of the attackers. The IDF continues to investigate the incident.

IDF spokesman, Brigadier-General Motti, these comments addressed the incident before entering the State assessment and stressed that “we fail not to respond to any attacks on IDF forces and residents of the State. Two Milena injured to receive medical treatment.

The company commander was wounded in the incident, Captain Ben Judah lights, told IDF website for 1 March
“Statements that girls in eligibility reduce both operational statements are ridiculous – no one is rushing to replace us in sector”. She also emphasized that combat service bainiia is the most important service for women.

These comments have met major general Ben Judah a few months ago, and was impressed that this is “an impressive headquarters occupies Schmid entered peoplewhere heart how to server after you’ve already got and started life as a citizen.”

The IDF revealed that “Caracal c told me about cool light which functioned during the incident and reportedly while under fire and hurt and its functioning and its context – that also wounded.”

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