“Shrionerim” the first practiced urban warfare

תרגיל הלש”ב בשיזפון. צילום: מז”י

Companies that help of the armour, a pillar of the revolution, an RAF practiced for the first time to the rionerim “dealing with infantry fighting and doing it no less.

תאריך: 01/05/2014, 14:40    
מחבר: נעם ויטמן, אתר צה”ל


Companies that help of the armored Corps, one of the most important andbachim in passing reform Armored force, first practice urban warfare shizafon recently.

The company was established as a result of changes in the field that require a weight transfer
The weight of warfare campaign and closed. “It’s special to see armored Corps warriors facing combat the time was really at the heart of the living – and do it equally well, told IDF site school Commander that Colonel Omar shizafon, Levin. “Lesh
It is important for every foot soldier, who will from now Greece counterterrorist is based on vertebrae. The enemy built-up area can reach all Greece and the danger is greater. You don’t know what’s behind a wall or door. The theory of forms and drills are very interesting.

“Shrionerim” the first practiced urban warfare

Although the training of the infantry,
Dry wing emphasize that it is shirionerim. In practice the current practice which only fighters, but already in the following upcoming training tank troops take part in training.

“Beyond control, the company that has a role in getting armored forces to combat. They will be fighters do not go or where should cover fire, “said Lieutenant Colonel Levin. “We’re different from other infantry brigade –
Always be a part of the armor force maneuver. Start fire intensities are strengths of an entire tank battalion, and the benefits that provide armor fighting in built-up area will be significant. “

The construction companies that are already in space for fact. “A third of armored fighters joining us,” said Lieutenant Colonel Levin.
“The establishment of a school to help in the armored Corps is a historic event.” The school, which sits inside the base, charged shizafon character development (military tactics) regarding companies that IOF force also look after their training. In addition, in August Open House
The school will prepare the company commanders that helps.

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