Sisters in arms: open recruiting warriors

צילום: רב”ט אור יצחק

On the occasion of raising a hatgiisa Warrior, about a year ago, tells of her experiences in operational unit: “the boys here as gut as possible and build strong and full of motivation. We have a collaboration-type warriors SIG

תאריך: 13/11/2014, 10:00    
מחבר: נטע לוי, אתר צה”ל

גיוסי נובמבר 2014

Seven months of training and training, fears, concerns and mostly hard work.
Everything is concentrated. Light combat soldier, corporal in the Caracal battalion that hatgiisa just a year ago, before receiving her fighter certificate The only thing standing is
And the coveted title examines the track on physical fitness assessment and physical capabilities.
“I had a leg strain and therefore could not practice and practice too. It was scary to think that after all I went through, that would be what prevents me to get where I aspire. “

Although the approach to the corporal Isaac decided. “The only thing going through my mind during this run I had to succeed,” she says. “At the same time really hit me that being a fighter is the best for me,” she adds from memory. In high school.
Studied corporal Isaac in Arabic and was sure I joined an exclusive role in intelligence. “In the end I gave up on it because I wanted to do something different with my life. The Caracal role allows me to make a difference in myself and others, and it also promotes social equality, as specified.


CPL. Isaac isn’t hard to pinpoint the changes she went through during the last year: “I’ve grown. This manifests itself by now I am much more independent. Also my perception of the world changed, I have learned to put things in perspective. ” She knew that glory will not be easy but chose to follow the motto that ‘ no such thing ‘ Disclaimer: “not simple training but it’s worth it. Today, when walking on the street with red shoes, green beret and my weapon people look at me differently, I get more
Respect. “

Plasan sand cat, as is well known, is the first battalion of boys and girls together in combat roles.
“When I first enlisted, believed all the stigmas we have a battalion but thankfully I found out it’s not true-most white male combat as possible and build strong and full of motivation. We have a collaboration-type of Fellowship of warriors, she adds proudly. “In addition, we have controls.  One of the messages they convey to us is that we human beings before we are warriors.

Translated from Hebrew