Song: don’t stop the military bands showed up at the rally grounds and shelters

צילום: דובר צה”ל

The military bands sang in front of soldiers in gathering and contributed to cohesion and morale, and to shelters and appeared in front of the children of the South: “let sanity in difficult days.”

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מחבר: מיכל גלברד, אתר צה”ל

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חיל חינוך
להקות צבאיות

Also in operation “Cliff”, the fighting did not belong only to guns and tank shells, but also military bands. Military bands were soldiers to strengthen
Spirit warriors waiting times and pause before the entrance to the Gaza Strip and, just as they did a day communication.

IDF fighters operate among divisional combat teams.
Military bands performances helped to create shared value and a connection between the soldiers. “We’re not here just to please men. We’re here to affect the unit’s strength, and social cohesion “, said head of culture, education and Youth Corps, Lieutenant Colonel Hadar Harel. “Common experiences strengthen this ingredient. A culture is captured and, in moments before the action is what you’re looking for the fighters and commanders. If in that imachno the warriors. The soldiers are very thirsty for culture, “she added.

On the night of July 16, less than 24 hours before the entrance to the Gaza Strip, the military bands appeared in. “Just before the bottom were in. In the beginning some laughed. Nevertheless, come every Sunday and appear at a time like this. But from the third song they opened, rejoice
For songs. Some of the soldiers then approached us and India, said it picked them up and gave them energy to continue, “Ely, singer icon back in class education. “We watched the show brought them some home. It’s possible some sanity amid all the hard days and uncertainty. The appearance is human, in everything that’s going on around, “added Sergeant, another singer in the band.

Along with military bands, also soldiers of the IDF, magician and theatre comedian has appeared in front of the soldiers. Sgt. Matan, standup performances in front of the soldiers, who made many of them before they entered Gaza. “I make soldiers laugh through integration of concepts from the world, and their personal experiences in the show,” said. It makes provision that: every day the more operational. “I believe that if they see space which remind them my joke of the show, they even return her in the middle of the action and just smile.
I got soldiers there responses says forgot they at war, or somewhat–. They get the feeling they are not alone here, and although I’m not a fighter-and for them, “he added.

“The most important bands available to lift the morale of soldiers,” סמ”פ infantry battalion shared reserves, major (Ret). “To require a person to be alert all the time is not easy, so it should have come to him, to give him the morale and get him to smile. It also contributes to a sense of belonging-the soldiers understand that someone who appreciates their work and cherish “, said.

The song sanctuary.

Alongside this activity among the fighters and supporters, showed children Culture Branch soldiers found in shelters in the South, life under the repeated alarms. “The shelters are since their purpose is different. They are intended to show support for civilians, “explained Lieutenant Colonel Harel.

To do so, along with various bands in the original archben was founded as a Celtic “, composed of soldiers of the IDF theater known for tv series. Also,
The military has prepared a very special show for children. The soldiers appeared among others in day care centers in hospitals and housing families in one of the air force base. “The kids know that soldiers are protecting them, and to them we are their representation. The word ‘ war ‘ is always associated with the word ‘ army ‘, and the children don’t see. We represent them, “said Army Sgt. Shahar, the magician.

In order to please the kids blurred roles, the mix and standard repertoire changes. “Each gives of himself as he could. Also, I got to sing, to dance and talk with the kids and I will do anything for them, “shared light icon. “I feel like I’m giving to children half an hour of joy, which stays with them also. I show them that there are people out there who think and give themselves to them, “he added. Mother of four
Her husband serving in the squadron that elevated the morale of the boys, who were very concerned “,
Told Daniel, actor icon in the theatre.

Inevitably, the alarms are the soldiers and children during shows.
In one of the concerts, the band improvise a song titled “the song”, in order to make them sound the alarm. “The kids get from us. Amid all the fears and problems we bring them a time of joy. It allows air to breath and strength to cope.
When there is an alarm during a concert, guitar power. You can listen to music instead of waiting for the explosion, which is an amazing thing, “noted spicy logo, an actor in the theater.” we come to the kids, but they fill us happy, “said cpl. coral, the HFC band singer.

Translated from Hebrew