Special documentation: this training tour to forces of Hezbollah structure

Viewed: 601 battalion’s engineering practice specific training Hizbullah, including kidnapping. The training is part of the ongoing preparations for fighting the enemy variable • “dance by the flute.

תאריך: 26/01/2014, 12:09    
מחבר: מתן גלין, אתר צה”ל

הנדסה קרבית

In the days when Hezbollah continues to rearm every day in deadly weapons and long-range, of Syrian and Iranian support continuous, make great efforts in order to learn about the changes in the field and to improve ways of dealing with the enemy. Special training of combat engineering battalion 601 provides a rare glimpse into his/her practice comprehensive combat scenario against Hezbollah, including terrorist hijacking.

In Lebanon, so confusing as to be vigilant warriors needed every
Now Although since 2006, end of the second Lebanon war, Hezbollah refrained and quiet
The friction in the area, but no stops and arming the terrorists grow.
Tens of thousands of terrorists trained by Iranian forces in favor of Hizbullah.

Recently conducted engineering fighters got special training in which Lebanon line seemed possible situations in the North-West of Hizbullah outpost to hijacking incident an Israeli soldier. “The way to maintain and be sharp is to practice. People remain in focus. We’re trying to figure how much things are going to happen really. These.
Calculated scenarios we expect stick against Hezbollah, told IDF site c 601, Lieutenant Colonel Yanai Manor.

Special documentation: this training tour to forces of Hezbollah structure

Patrol Division 601 lgdud in practice. Photo Archive: the IDF spokesperson

The real challenge of the IDF against Hezbollah, according to Lt. Col. Manor is the character, what makes the dipatho. “Hezbollah is an organization
Unlike regular army and guerrillas. Insofar the enemy is much more challenging. He lives among the civilian population and rotates freely. The challenge is to know who are these people who represent Hezbollah organization. The detection methods is that you try to identify typical behaviors not trying to differentiate the terrorists are civilians.
The bystanders. The terrorist doesn’t work with uniform and beret. They are seeking to learn about us all
The time “.

A clear process to be one step ahead of the enemy, and let the blow first. “The challenge is to be transparent. Don’t understand what we do.
You can dance to the enemy’s flute, and vice versa. We will be the ones who will rule.

Translated from Hebrew