תאריך: 08/10/2007, 00:00    

The second time I’ve been here in this event at the end of an exciting day that moved.
I’m excited because I have a feeling, one hand full of joy your joy, on the other hand
I have quite a bit of sadness.

I light the candle with bud Mualem. Bud’s father, Moshe, and I served together for many years. I met him at the age of 14 when he was boarding. I can’t replace Moshe (or Alfred as we call him) I can tell him that bud like the other boys and girls grew and became bat mitzvah girl, intelligent, sensitive, generous and I have no doubt that Moses looked up pride proud, all of us.

I says to bud and to everybody that we cannot replace parent’s place or does not claim to do so. We feel an obligation
To be with you in place everywhere, this day is just an expression of our commitment.

We feel obligated to tell you about your parents, bad for the brotherhood, bravery, volunteer service, demonstrating and tell you that you can be proud of, we will also further and go and tell works.

I want to say today that if we have something in common is, of course, but mostly the parents responsibility you accept yourself according to the Jewish tradition on this day of bar/bat mitzvah. You might remember from the event
The meaning of the word responsibility: it begins with the letter a, which is the beginning of the Millennium
The Hebrew home, the beginning of everything and she keeps the word brother, you are given responsibility today.
The brothers and sisters. If you include the other Word is received next, accept responsibility for the other and patience and tolerance. If you continue to add the letter j, which means, to lead, by example, to show the way. Then get the word, who believe in him, who art in heaven or on Earth.
And then accept the letter z which is ending and there you have it all from a to z.
This warranty applies on you today, our responsibility is to continue to accompany you. Raised and managed.

Translated from Hebrew