תאריך: 04/09/2007, 00:00    

We are gathered here today to pay respects to loved ones with male, Corps members, and legacy.
The establishment of the IDF Corps fighters are an essential element in our forces.
Corps is a warrior force. They force these fighters are the first line of the fighter force and our mster they first seek to touch, and so their crucial importance in land warfare and, literally, and decisive victory.
In battle.
Corps is in constant activity and missions and adjust accordingly
The character and the scene of the fighting. The Ballet Corps throughout Israel, systems and paved the way for the IDF decision; A breakthrough in Burma during the war of liberation, through placing the cylinders in crossing the Suez Canal during the Yom Kippur war, through assistance in fighting terrorism, Palestinian hostilities composed against the Hezbollah in Lebanon and the second Lebanon war.
During World War II
The second Lebanon followed by the Corps to take part in hostilities and design, protection of engineering tasks required in the field. The soldiers and commanders have demonstrated once again their abilities of members of the regular force and the reserves, the higher martial morality
Prepared to pitch the cause.
Corps is currently implementing the lessons of war and strengthened knowledge and technologies that are essential to the integrated campaign.
Unfortunately, the first to lead the poor too. Lost along
Many years of our sons and daughters; Entire worlds that are lost. Soldiers, airmen and commanders who could be fathers and mothers day, scientists, doctors, and businessmen. From day to day, year to year increases the feeling of inadequacy, loss and increased pain.
The family,
We are partners to the pain and longing and States cannot be related violation. Loved ones had brothers in arms; That fall, and which continue to accompany us every day and every hour in our actions to safeguard the security of Israel. We owe them our being here and are committed to continue our legacy-legacy of protecting Israel. Story
The lives of our loved ones, our intensity and dedication are exemplary example to rowing, steadfastness, striving for victory, devotion, sacrifice for the sake of and faith in the righteousness of way.
We, the soldiers and commanders, share your pain, your loved ones-sours our loved ones, that hairafo alone for
The rest of us. Memory is engraved in our hearts and courage and courage are ideals.
I know that time heals all day and I don’t have the words to fill in the blanks, but
Please note, that we are strong with your hands always. It is our commitment to our brothers, our fallen to those left behind.
From this recognition, and their male loved ones of fallen-driven we continue in our mission to save from security guard for the State of Israel, and to lay the foundations for peace in our country.
Hence, I would like to say to medical corps wounded fighting the war every day and ensures that we do everything possible to bring the prisoners and missing soldiers home.
In deploying the new year, I wish you all and all a year of peace and security.
Be remembered that fall.

Translated from Hebrew