Start year: in regards preparing for Tishrei

הרבצ”ר. צילום: דובר צה”ל

The IDF conducted for Tishrei with graduation mark pardons tours performs “bluff”, which violated and Sukkot in bases The revch: “the Sukkot holiday expresses
Few record joint meeting under the stars “

תאריך: 24/09/2014, 13:15    
מחבר: אלעד הלפרין, אתר צה”ל

הרבנות הצבאית
ראש השנה

The high will be held this year in marked the end of operation “Cliff”, and the long tradition of the pardons to tours in Jerusalem was adapted so to give emphasis. Following recent operations this year given priority to forces that participated in the search for cuts and boys who fought in Gaza the pardons tours. Bar Mitzvah tours include a city tour, a conversation with a senior lecturer on behalf of Jewish consciousness branch of the military Rabbinate or public figure, and finally reach the Western Wall where they want to participate in prayer and reciting selichot. This year the tour began with a delay of several weeks due to perform “Cliff”, but we believe we can identify the amount of numbers that came out last year and even more so that each soldier desires that will participate in the tour. The numbers grow every year, “explained Rabbi
The military in an interview given to IDF website, Brig. Gen. Rafi Peretz.

Another step in the military Rabbinate to allow soldiers to hold Yom Kippur Customs is meeting the students recruitment are in the study.
Students come to IDF bases synagogues there will be various cantors and run your prayers today. “Yom Kippur is a complicated holiday a day of fasting that requires custom dining dining from the break fast and provides actions to fasting, but the IDF conducted and acts accordingly,” explained revch.

Start year: in regards preparing for Tishrei

Shofarot, 6600 800 bundles of four species, and 15,000 cycles. Photo: Issachar roass

During the last one month to Tishrei distributing over 800, 6600 Rams bundles of four species, and 15,000 cycles of prayer for more than 400 synagogues IDF outposts and bases at the same time, thousands of meters of Sukkot deployed throughout the IDF in order to satisfy the needs of every soldier who wants holiday to celebrate the team sitting in the Sukkah, even if not at home. “The preparations begin months before the holidays, shachloch itself begins a month earlier. Do everything to make sure every soldier, anywhere in the country, can the holidays as he likes, “said Brig. Gen. Rav.

In recent years, replaced in the traditional wooden huts ב”סוכות canvas”, which is not biodegradable and can be divided and easily from bases. This substitution proved itself useful to soldiers and created a phenomenon in which companies
And entire battalions stationed in their polls. For example, in the school of officers deployed hundreds of meters. “From our perspective today have large hut per unit as needed. Already we have polls the size of 21 square feet in bases, “said the Commander of the base, Lt. Col. avi Finkelstein.

The revch greeted the IDF commanders and soldiers for a year.
The new one. “The month Tishrei is open new year’s Eve and summarizes the past year”,
Said, adding that this “month during which themselves all murky relationship to the person, and on the day of Atonement, forgiveness and sins on Yom Kippur, and Sukkot expresses the unity in the common seating outdoors under the open sky, all together in the Sukkah. We are one,
And our differences, but everything always turns out that unity of eternity exist for years, and found support and will be available in proves it. This ensures unity to all the blessing for the year ahead, “he concluded.

Translated from Hebrew