Storm set

In the express satisfaction with the rise in motivation to serve in its ranks. The Commander of a נח”ל: the young spirit of this Division is our big advantage

תאריך: 20/11/2013, 11:07    
מחבר: דנה פטרוב, אתר צה”ל

Hundreds of new recruits join today (Wednesday) lifestyles of
Let that register the year increased’s recruits to reach Division: 2.2 joining today are faced on each device. The linked the increased motivation for tasks
Advocacy and encouraging meaningful service for the coming, but also of the nature and operational achievements.

In an interview with the Commander of the IDF website says a נח”ל, Lieutenant Colonel Roy metric that regimental motto” human advantage “is reflected also in this context. “We are investing a lot in choosing the commanders and their training, with the understanding that a warrior should look to his commanding officer and to evaluate him, knowing that he could follow,” saying, “we want them to identify with what they are doing. Significant service you can do each Infantry Brigade, but our service experience is different. It is easier to serve where you belong “.

Storm set

Another thing that characterizes the Division, according to Lt. Col. Shitrit, is the quality of the training activity look. “last year we received a major award for the training of the Division, and we aim for this year,” he said, “in war the Warriors deal
With a series of physical and mental challenges, and learning the warfare domains, and accountability. Today we are in a different place in terms of training compared to other years. According to Lieutenant Colonel Sheetrit, even while demonstrating operational Government Division brigades “high professional level and filling jobs with dedication.”

Within the Division’s focus in closed areas changed the graph too – and the new recruits are expected to pass through complicates training before boarding the first battalion of the regiment. “The changes made to the reference scenarios that are relevant in all sectors”, said Lieutenant Colonel Shitrit. “We are focusing on in the intricate, built and underground warfare.
The chshirviot are also suitable for the northern sector and the Gaza sector – both have built and underground parameters. In addition we also raise the bar of the combat and the clean clan came from a run of ten kilometers.

For new recruits to have high standard resting stand – the company of hatgiisa, granite battalion in March this year, recently won the תחצ”ן Tester (infantry and paratroopers theory) 2007 which were all coming. The competition tested companies representing several parameters, including infantry, after תרפ”ל, and running with stretchers. “It’s something we ourselves from the beginning of boot camp, to beat the other divisions,” said Shaham, route major company
Guy. “We trained every week and we made sure the most points. Eventually it made a lot of desire to represent the Division, and it added many shzchino pride fighters.

According to Lieutenant Colonel Shitrit, recruits should arrive the day of mobilization with a smile, motivation for service. “We are ready to work hard. What is special about the rest is because it’s a young Division rather than sets, things happen here otherwise. We brand on innovation and flexibility in training our flag, Bette and occurrences. There’s a youthful spirit and the advantage.

Translated from Hebrew