Straight from the ruins: this practice in the home front command rescue missile

חילוץ של פיקוד העורף מאתר הרס. צילום: ארכיון דובר צה”ל

The exercise continued the point 7: various sites throughout the country various scenarios fashion will challenge you in command. Among other things, alarm activation and rescue rehearsed trapped from destruction sites

תאריך: 27/05/2013, 19:06    
מחבר: מתן גלין, אתר צה”ל

The national exercise of Israel that started this morning (Monday) is deployed in various locations from South to North, and the smoke can challenge the security forces and the IDF’s rescue when fighting. Among other things, practice alert sounded throughout the country for lunch and dinner.

The Commander of the home front command, major general Eyal Eisenberg, said that the exercise was planned well in advance and is a continuation of the IDF’s ongoing preparations for defense. “One year we drilled from the rear, so this exercise is on the graph of the IDF’s annual training,” he said.

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Straight from the ruins: this practice in the home front command rescue missile

Extracted from the rubble, photo archive

Destroy, extracted from Wikipedia, save lives

The IDF already know that long because the enemy would like to hit in the rear by firing missiles at various ranges. Not select the HFC to practice at Nazareth the rescue forces from the ruins, so-called “destruction”. The exercise takes real structure fully intended for demolition and blasting in blast, shbthom,
The home front command forces and digging out from the apparent casualties. The explosion, which envisions a missile two mall locations, brought to full preparations of Galilee, 959 battalion and search and rescue battalion, which arrived quickly to venue and began rescue work. “Our main effort is gathering,” the site command champion, we collect all information sources needed to know how the subscription crashin We want to build an image that can tell where the civilians were found upon impact, which will save lives. “

This method of collecting the information goes hand in hand with the theory, which works by peeling layers and tunneling.
To make the real practice, brought dozens of soldiers who seemed injured and replaced the dummy puppets. “The modus operandi is due to the nature of the injury and the type of structure, when a case of missile or an earthquake generates different vulnerability,” said the champion.

Another described the champion the importance of rapid medical response and precision after the crossing. “Ultimately, you have to ensure that apzzoa lives even after the rescue and that doctors and paramedics are required for high-skill and caution. Haiti rescue saw about hours and wounded died because of various pressures exerted on him and improper handling “.

One of the many factors to the success of the method is the technique
Clearing rubble.  The unit commander, Lt. Col. levers (Ret.) Ofer, explained how accessing a site that collapsed and what importance of quickly clearing rubble: “it is important to address quickly the wreckage created to assist rescue teams to easily reach the wounded. In these critical moments needed mechanical arm and quick save manual labor. The Commander of the region in cooperation with the engineers decide what they need, what views sizes and what type of required capabilities “.


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