“Strategic shield” will in effect be the munitions thefts.

ה”מגנים האסטרטגיים” בהכשרתם בקורס. צילום: דובר צה”ל

New professionals will prepare men and women to secure ammunition depots, in order to decrease in thefts, Commander of the ordnance Center: “security and defence sector strengthened.”

תאריך: 12/11/2013, 10:31    
מחבר: רוני צידון, אט”ל

The IDF fights theft phenomenon: a new course to secure device units all military strategies in a professional manner. The pioneers, which ended last week, 35 soldiers and 16 device embedded in basic soldiering munitions throughout the country. Unlike the two-course facilities, four weeks in length and includes a thorough and professional content appropriate to the needs of the units.

This is a trend in which the organic armament (20), which gives emphasis on the skill of weapons, hand-to-hand combat and led classes. “Professionalize the course and teaching
Them to cope with the existing reference scenarios on the camps of the ammunition, “said רמ”ד Assistant Defense Ammunition Center Kevin ADI אע”צ. “Since the course will take place every two months at 20, as part of a training sequence” strategic shield, he added.

The profession has a high threshold when data undertaken must cope with a demanding job. However, they receive unique service conditions. In its infancy.
Shortening utility: “strategic shield serve two years instead of three and released after the shooting.
Full military ו”המגנות” serve a year and a half.

“Strategic shield” will in effect be the munitions thefts.

The soldiers and airmen are serving a week-week “, when they free week can work. In addition, the unit can best for professional course, which may give them an edge in the world. “No profession pigeons, but we’re having a Conference of (candidates for Security Service – Dr..) that we introduce” strategic importance “and shield”, even “Detective Chin. “Today most of the population chooses to bmktzoa creeps”, stressed, adding that “we are looking for soldiers with commitment, mission, and self-discipline.”

At the base of the construction of the profession about the need to reduce theft from events to have occurred
In recent years, become increasingly more violent, causing financial loss of army
Millions of shekels.

The munitions Centre, considered strategic and bsicio will be secured by the new shields, staff work and thicken the technological security budgets
Millions of shekels, and empower the manpower. “The defence and security sector is hardly the importance and scope of resources expended it slowly in recent years and in currency (ammo – Dr.) in particular,” said Center Chief ammunition and missiles, Colonel
Ofer Cohen.

He said the new job qualifications needed to secure ammunition depots.
“It security professionals, and invested significant resources in developing, creating and developing a service model that is currently being tested,” said Colonel Cohen-and added that “they also discussed the possibility to base combat equipment Center and interchanges, and the center of rehabilitation and maintenance.

Translated from Hebrew