Date: 14/08/2007 00:00 Dover
The IDF announced that as part of the IDF’s ongoing activities to reduce terrorist activity from the
Gaza, IDF forces from the morning infantry forces (infantry), armor, and air and with the assistance of intelligence officials in the area.
During the activity detected about ten terrorists who engaged in shooting and in violation of IDF troops in the area and they were shot and injured by soldiers.

The activities of the IDF uncovered various weapons, including explosives and explosive. It also arrested about 100 suspects who have been transferred for questioning by Israeli security forces in Israel territory.

An IDF soldier was wounded in a terrorist shooting at him, the soldier received medical treatment at the scene and evacuated for medical treatment in a hospital in Israel.

The IDF determined to act against anyone who performs or supports terrorism and to protect the inhabitants of the State of Israel.

Translated from Hebrew