Sword in the Druze villages complete with beret trip coil.

The Warriors held the traditional beret between Druze villages in the Galilee, and improved the operational qualification. Recently, an increase in the number of recruits to the regiment.

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מחבר: שחר רופין, אתר צה”ל

פיקוד הצפון
מיעוטים בצה”ל

All watching from the side, the appearance of walking between combatants company villages, surrounded by laughter and excitement, it’s probably pretty confusing experience, particularly
When you bring the traditional dance which all warriors stop squabbling, and the encouragement (in Arabic) that accompany the company’s quest to identify the word ‘ Allah ‘. August 13 fighters of the regiment went all the way to the beret.

Sword in the Druze villages complete with beret trip coil.

“The journey itself is kind of a celebration, that connects the community troop told the IDF website, battalion commander Lt. Col. cures. “When I was in high school we used to hear from the voices of soldiers in class, and we were running out of lessons to look,” he recalls.

He said the younger generation in the Druze community connects with the regiment. “Everybody has a family sword brothers, parents, uncles and grandparents,” he says. Combat fitness aspect, he noted that “gives the soldiers the shape they need to be fit to fight.

Sword in the Druze villages complete with beret trip coil.

The Druze villages of the Galilee, where the journey takes place, all belong to the event.
When the battalion recruits sword shplogat leaves on a journey between the beret-entire parish family articles as well. The parents are stalls with sweets and food, and the rest of the cars, or watching from the Windows and call them. “It became a kind of holiday, day happens every three months every time new warriors cycle
The runway, several IDF Sergeant Annan goaya site, from class icon. “All families are welcome. Even those who don’t travel through their village, “he describes.

“Ready to deal with Hezbollah if he tried.

Swallowing the company 55 kilometers between nine villages, what length. “Big important journey for the ADA and the regiment. He explains both the direct relationship between family safety and combat operation, IDF site the company commander, Capt. Adam Jamal.

Sword in the Druze villages complete with beret trip coil.

“The fact that the journey through all the villages gives pride and motivation, it gives them strength after hard training, and the Warriors see for what they do,” describes
One of the division commanders, Lieutenant Rd Sarhan and restriction that “this trip is more for pride, but no physical difficulties disappeared.

The battalion is a battalion of the Druze, live and recruitment is voluntary. Despite the stripe led conscription, higher kezayit compared to the percentage of recruits in the population. The Regiment is part of the regular forces of northern command, and he stands for border protection against threats to this sector.
“Hezbollah advance its technological capability, due to his participation in the civil war of Syria. They are safer. We know that even if the forces of allies attack in Syria-Hezbollah will bring clout by attacking Israel. However, we are ready for it, if you try, “Lieutenant Colonel Milky clinic, Commander of the regiment.

Sword in the Druze villages complete with beret trip coil.

In all of the (security service candidate) in the recruitment day Druze choice between
Battalion “sword” and all other frame. However, no Regiment limited seats among recruits. “The relationship between the regiment and the esprit de corps, they eventually which brings the Warriors, the IDF site Commander of the training Department, Captain Assad achsan.

Sword in the Druze villages complete with beret trip coil.

He added that two years ago a decrease in recruitment for the Regiment, following the wave of exposing recruits to other units. However, due to the combination of grassroots activism and volunteering projects, which kept the battalion Association and
Esprit de corps among the recruiting battalion will, man. Among the recent cycles increase of 7% on the amount of recruits, followed by an increase of 28%, and is expected to next cycle
Another increase of 9%.

Translated from Hebrew