Talk military police enforcement operation in new year night


The operation is held annually and is called “strike waves”, which runs the military police the civilian side to prevent drunk driving. Only seven reports were soldiers movement

תאריך: 01/01/2014, 19:37    
מחבר: מיכל גלברד, אתר צה”ל

While many citizens of the country who spent her new year’s, the 150 soldiers of the military police,
In cooperation with civilian police forces were to return to their homes in peace-goers.
The annual enforcement operation, known as “strike waves”, took place last night in order to prevent drunk drivers get on the wheel.

Dozens of blue police cars and military police have been deployed to the North to the South, and worked in partnership to prevent drunk drivers from driving and potentially harmful to themselves and their environment. “I’m glad to see the fruitful cooperation with the military police”, said relations between the Chief of police, John Danino, visiting a position posted on a central axis area.

Military police soldiers were in a force multiplier for the national movement, and the units involved, including policemen and soldiers, as well as mobility. “Our goal is not to catch drunk drivers as possible – to produce the deterrence and prevention of presence. We want to make people think twice before boarding on the wheel drunk “, base military police major, avishay dabosh.

Early in the evening explore the mobility and demonstrated the presence in entertainment, major roads and near military bases. Later, just after midnight, major roads and took place in. Some of the ensembles by such officers and road drivers
Of all ages through simple: air blowing device called nshpopon, “little brother” of the OWL. Less than 950 micrograms of alcohol in gallon air blow and the driver was released to path. In borderline cases, ask the driver for a second test using the OWL that shows numeric output before it is determined whether driver drunk.

Near military bases stationed units degrees Celsius, including soldiers (military police
Researcher). “It happened more than once that vehicle mission of the base was taken by the driver and his friends-Stu axis, spent and drank alcohol. There were no such cases ended in an accident “, said Maj. dabosh. If caught they used military vehicle failed the test, nshpopon test driver of traffic and if found drunk – equal to the base and the banned.

During the night about seven reports were submitted in total, and one military vehicle was confiscated. Military police operates throughout the year to prevent accidents, and cooperation with blue police held regularly on a monthly basis. “Our soldiers are taught them a lot and tmktsaim thanks to these collaborations,” concluded a military police base.

Translated from Hebrew