Teleprocessing changes: new classes were launched to combat software

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From departments and poultry tighten Lotem technology projects, move back to Mr basm: streamlining of organizations is a new and interesting way. “

תאריך: 08/05/2013, 13:07    
מחבר: דנה פטרוב, אתר צה”ל

Lotem unit, the unit’s main technologies Service Directorate, the face – “software”, which was responsible for operational systems, restoring, which dealt with the development of combat-support systems, single this week were called “from” – military systems Pu (command and control) and management.

In addition, the Department established a “program”, which will be responsible for centralizing and managing the Acorn projects – that is until today in weaponry.

Also, command of the first semester (School of computer science) from where 7 back to Mr.

Teleprocessing changes: new classes were launched to combat software

Lieutenant future ceremony. Photo: Wolf marmorstein, IDF spokesperson

The changes were made as part of the future מ”צופן of process, teleprocessing and mentioned in several ceremonies which took place last Sunday. “A little over a month and a half gave no cryptologist commands the future group, strategic process aimed at restructuring,” said the Chief Executive Officer, Brig. Gen. Eyal Selinger. “Every few years every department needs to look and to streamline its organization. The ceremony is the end of a long process and the beginning of a new and interesting way.
We witness every day to developments in the Middle East and to think a few steps ahead. “

“High tcshovity capabilities allow the quick campaign.”

The establishment of a Department from the House, is of great importance in which returned significant components of operational information systems development
Internally in the unit. “Beyond being a holiday day to Lotem, today is significant to the computing and software,” said the Commander, Brig. Gen. Daniel Alan Bern. “From expected to lead to some major efforts – including the systems development (control-p) operational and support and returns significant elements of operational information systems for development. The challenge in the world of software is the main one for the bottom, “he added.

The Department’s programs, “which also launched this week includes programs, tactical connectivity capabilities and zroeit multi-(the relationship between measures of power), as well as the internal infrastructure. “The establishment of the Department of programs based on history
For more than 50 years and solid foundations in communications, computers and Shaw (control-p), “said Colonel Yossi רמ”ח, programs. “The Department will bring to perfection the ICT systems and information from the edge to the edge between the fighters in the land, air and sea, between the ground forces to the command post, between the various forces and major commands and the General staff. Looking high and tcshovity capabilities will lead to advanced operational capability and allow the quick campaign on test day.

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