That stopped a terrorist who tried to exploit humanitarian entry to Israel for the attack.

The bomber, Mohammad Saber Muhammad Abu ‘ amshah, resident of Beit Hanoun, was supposed to carry out a shooting attack, while he went to Israel with a permit on humanitarian medical care in Ramallah

תאריך: 26/12/2013, 12:47    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

For advertising: the General Security Service, Israel Police, arrested in early December 2013 terrorist infrastructure, “Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades in the Gaza Strip,
Who was involved in recent years in many terrorist attacks against civilians and IDF forces, including current planning exercise sniping attack against IDF forces.

The activist, Mohammad Saber Muhammad Abu ‘ amshah, 32 year-old resident of Beit Hanun, asked to enter Israel through humanitarian permits for medical treatment in Ramallah.

During interrogation at the General Security Service, stated among others that was supposed to serve as a marksman in the framework designed to attack IDF force, patrols along Gaza’s perimeter fence.
Meanwhile, collected intelligence on the movement of IDF forces in the various sectors carried out target practice,
And various characters in attack. The attack was postponed in view of Abu ‘ amshah, was supposed to happen after their return to Gaza, after receiving medical treatment in Ramallah.

Israel allows, every month, the entry of thousands of Gazans to enter Israel for humanitarian needs, and others, but that terrorist elements do not, misuse of these permits, including the transfer of terrorist money and illegally in Israel. In this case, it’s a particularly cynical humanitarian permits, to
The success of the sniping.

• Be filed against Abu today at the District Court in Beersheba, the indictment includes among other counts of attempted murder, contact with foreign agent, conspiracy to murder (murder).

Translated from Hebrew