The air force held to receive the F-35

For the absorption of advanced aircraft, starting with the establishment of the squadron.
Nevatim Base: “a first step towards integration of the aircraft have had extensive effects on
Deterrence before going to Israel “name.

תאריך: 17/11/2014, 19:53    
מחבר: אלעד הלפרין, אתר צה”ל

חיל האוויר

Preparing for ה”חמקן”: laying cornerstone was held today at the root sprouts. In the first phase of the staging area set up and structure a structure unique to coach chshaklt. “The festive day Israel State, which constitutes the first step towards absorbing plane-have extensive effects on deterrence before going to Israel for the first name,” said sprout base, Brig. Gen. lihu hakohen, in remarks at the ceremony. The F-35 stealth fighter is the fifth generation, also known as “awesome”.

“The IDF is needed today more than ever need the systems that are the cutting edge of technology, and that is precisely what we are starting today,” stated General Kagan. “This is an event of this magnitude that we still don’t understand its size or what he gives us.”

The construction work of the buildings in the area will begin in the next month and will end before the arrival of the plane.
They are first-in-class buildings in the Israeli air force, in size and function.
“The shape and size of structure imksmo the functional continuity so that all aircraft requirements,” explained the head of project manager in the air force, Lieutenant Colonel Lior.
“The new systems we will work with them for the first time.

Due to the special requirements of these moves by the Israeli air force Lockheed Martin Corp. of the United States, about the plane, the pilot also receive first Simulator of its kind in the world.
Already from the moment of release, can exercise it to four pilots simultaneously-allowing the practice of individuals, teams, and fours.

Cornerstone laid today was the opening shot of the plane, bringing with it a new era of progress for the air force. “We are facing a long procedure, which includes dozens of projects, each of which is another piece of the puzzle is the ה’אדיר,” added Lieutenant Colonel Lior.

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