The air force participated in the multinational exercise in big history

צילום: חיל האוויר

Weeks of intense practice, air force under the blue flag, along with the Greek air force, American and Italian. The exercise scenarios test complex, intense war.

תאריך: 26/11/2013, 12:35    
מחבר: שני פומס, אתר חיל האוויר

In recent weeks, landed at the base of a Greek warplanes, and Italian Americans as part of a wide-scale exercise with naval battle. This is the first time that Israel conducted an exercise of this magnitude and it required quite a bit.
Preparation from the IAF, which can often be inconveniences for many months.

This week is the most important training exercise with four air forces in joint flights and war scenarios are made: Lightning aircraft (F-16 c/d), “Storm” (F-16I) and Hawk jets (F-15 c/d) Israelis alongside fighters from foreign air forces. “The Americans brought the F-15E, F-15 planes of the best in the world, the Italians came with the AMX and the Twister and the Greeks brought modern F-16”, Lieutenant Colonel Ziv, Squadron “flying dragon” which leads to the “blue force” in training and is responsible for the air and ground enemy during. “This exercise has a task to a group of air forces involved and they should fly together in a large mass.
Aircraft and to carry it out. “

During the exercise, leaving every day dozens of sorties of all air forces practice.
In the air are practitioners describe complex and broad cooperation. “The exercise is a good opportunity for us to gain operationally and to work better,” said Captain Matthew, from the us air force. “We’re happy to be here.
This is an opportunity to share the strategies, tactics and techniques to achieve shared goals, “said Lieutenant Colonel Massimo glmini from the Italian air force.

The foreign countries landed in Israel two weeks ago. During
Last week foreign teams recognized the air spaces of the State of Israel by introductory flights and later practiced tactical flight. In addition to the introduction, won the foreign participants to meet each other on the ground that evening was held in their honor in the presence of the Base Commander, Colonel Sun.

Yesterday reached base fact representatives from 22 different countries around the world who came to watch the exercise movements. Among the guests were representatives from Canada, United Kingdom and Germany and Commander of the Bulgarian air force, on the basis of impressions to decide whether to take part in similar exercises. “One of the aims ultimately to foreign air forces knew that come to practice in the State of Israel,” said Lieutenant Colonel Ziv.
“We want them to see the power of the Israeli air force by organizing training and know when they get back home they say there are strong professional air force.” Yesterday the seeps, Force Commander Maj. Gen. Amir Eshel, the southern base in order to progress the exercise and joined the ה”כחולים forces side emerged.

Translated from Hebrew