The air force picked up two ה”שמשון aircraft”

מטוס השמשון. צילום: הגר עמיבר

ה”שמשון” other aircraft, showing improvements in transport aircraft capabilities, received last night: the “op” tsuk Ethan shows us how “we have to be professional and ready to protect and attack various boundaries.”

תאריך: 09/09/2014, 13:46    
מחבר: שני פומס, אתר חיל האוויר

חיל האוויר

“Samson” aircraft (C-130J) both officially joined the ranks of the air force, and received at the base “sprouts”. ה”שמשון is an upgraded version of the species, and it has flight capabilities, carrying weights and improved supply 669 compared to its predecessor, and expose the IAF at the forefront of technology in the world.

The second plane, number 662, landed in Israel two weeks ago, and unlike its predecessor carried him “elephants”. “Introduction to the second Jet to bring true dilemma, is right to bring the squadron staff? It’s obvious, “said Brig. Gen. lihu Hacohen base commander during a ceremony held last night at the nevatim airbase, where the tail glued on the fly the advanced transport the elephants Squadron” squadron to launch it. “Professionalism, experience and determination led to the understanding that the plane.
Get independent. This is a step in the squadron’s capabilities, “he added.

The addition allows more flexibility when it comes to flights and training. Squadron personnel are continuing to advance in March towards the operational qualification, so that future baimotim they can also take part in and contribute to the war effort. “Fighting in operation ‘ Ethan ‘ Cliff illustrates us how we need to be professional and ready to protect and attack the various borders,” said the General. “Ethan” Cliff “the importance of cooperation
Among the various Israeli arms in the fighting between the air, sea and land.
The ה’שמשון primarily built for the job. “

“Moving towards” operational qualification

During the ceremony said the Squadron, Lt. Col. Ben, while earlier landed the first ה”שמשון after the supply was a 669. in the Israeli air force. “We’re moving in small steps but confident towards the qualification of our operations,” he said.

The “Samson” is currently at the stage where the teams have completed the basic training plane, and begin to develop tactical missions combat doctrines like flying powers and PTOSIS. “Hit the modified מ’קרנף ב’שמשון Hunt (130-s. p.) because it automatically”, described Loadmaster in the Squadron, Capt. Omar. “We provide him and he knows himself to be calculated where and when to go.

The upcoming supply 669 first successfully, but in light of a pilot that has nowhere to go. “We need to see many kinds of tznachot and study of ה’שמשון systems ‘”, said Captain Omer. “All this plane we want to understand what is genuine.”

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