Date: 01/11/2007, 12:00 am speaker
The IDF says that primary education officer, Commodore rmeister, to appeared today before the mayors led by Mr. Adi Eldar, Chairman of the Union of local authorities, to discuss strengthening the willingness and the readiness of young people to the service.

At a conference held discourse on enhancing the quality in service and strengthening responsibility, among heads of authorities, which are key partners in promoting the army recruitment and to combat the phenomenon of shirking.
As part of the ceremony was the army program and recruiting information.
In his words
Stressed, education officer Brigadier-General Eli shermister, that encourage the significant recruitment is an issue relevant to all society in Israel and not just military issue. The IDF
There is room for each and every citizen has the opportunity to perform to maximize service, development and personal fulfillment.

Translated from Hebrew