“The army is facing a wide range of threats in all arenas.”

צילום ארכיון: דובר צה”ל

The Chief of security at the international ICT first, where officials discussed the security system control capabilities, and operational force Cyber multiplicatively

תאריך: 21/05/2013, 10:53    
מחבר: יפתח כרמלי, אתר צה”ל

Today (Tuesday) morning was held the international ICT first gunner in zichron Yaacov, Chief of staff, Lieutenant General Benny Gantz, head of ICT,
Maj. Gen. Uzi moskovich, senior officers from the IDF arms & wing, and the defense and security industries. Various lectures about Conference C4I capabilities as operational force multiplier, and showcases technologies and control systems (f), advanced tactical communication systems cyber and information security systems.

The Conference opened, the Army Lieutenant General Benny Gantz, a speech which reviewed the current security situation in the tcshovi aspect. “We live in a strategic security environment-the essential thing is the instability,” he said in his speech the explosive reality “and feel all day.
We are involved in decision-making if no longer be correct, may lead to a sudden and uncontrollable deterioration. We are a broad range of threats in all our locations. “

According to the Chief of staff, Israel also exposed to interpersonal influence for intra-Theatre lift. “We can.
To see links between Gaza and the Sinai, Gaza, Syria and Lebanon between Mayo. Each of these fertile we faced with military threats, asymmetric warfare arranged and threats
פח”ע and fighting terrorism in a complex environment, including land, tangled, and enemy civilian population, we need to respond to it quickly and very high precision.

Given this reality, highlighted the importance of the increasing military database and sharpening the intelligence capability, while the arm connection using tcshovity capabilities.
“The IDF, in comparison to other bodies, is distinctly exploited his body from his zroiyut, but we still have to strive. In light of the advantages described, we need to exercise our fighting capabilities in ICT network that will enable the effective power, and by increasing intelligence capacity. Both intelligence capabilities that allow us to hit the right targets that we want, exactly the same intensity we want to run.

However, the repeated questions on ICT skills to adapt themselves to properties
Of the field, remaining unchanged. “On the retina – operational intelligence-we have to remember that the only thing that has changed is the properties. Whatever it is, biológica. The space combat is still full of uncertainty and friction on the island, and people still need to take control and act together. Diving, jet fighter swoops, still nature. All our gadgets will not help if they do not accommodate themselves to the battlefield “.

Translated from Hebrew