The bears woke up: p Gaza Division’s work in fighting Lilith

דחפורי הD-9 בתרגיל בשבוע שעבר. צילומים: דובר צה”ל

D-9 bulldozers (“bear”) of engineering while hibernating?
And participated in operation “pillar”, but the last unit training demonstrated a new level of intensity and creativity are operational.

תאריך: 17/06/2013, 16:30    
מחבר: נעם ויטמן, אתר צה”ל

As p shplogat (mechanical engineering equipment) left for Northern unit long training, he is interrupted with a missile on the Givati which okapzzo. The second time it went for further training, the operation “pillar”
Underway, and had to leave again. So when the coaching company for the third time last week, he began fearing a certain something that will cut more. But a war.
Not a loophole, and a quiet day sector this long, which made it possible to the company to finally complete the massive bolster lasted about six weeks.

The workout was the first in which all teams practice with all the D-9 bulldozers (“bear”) and the exercises simulate war outline. “It was important for us that they experience as much as possible
Working at night, because it’s something less doing on line, “the IDF website, company commander
Lieutenant Dotan Rauf. “The other thing is the practice of high-intensity activity work continuously for long hours,” noted.

The bears woke up: p Gaza Division’s work in fighting Lilith

ה”דובים” action.

“Before the war exercise mimic and the company was much more accessories for,” added Captain Rauf. “The practice even work at night especially for individual instruments, and of all the frame work together night, coordinated sequence of long hours. Working long hours at night it’s a challenge and need to get used to it, “he said. “If you do it for the first time in war, then you won’t be able to hold out and get very fast your eligibility.

How to deal with anti-tank?

In the company’s own image, seemed even firing anti-tank missiles (anti-tank missile)-a significant threat in Gaza.
“The way to deal with the rockets is to go back in quickly, get real
And the Defender, “explained Captain Rauf. Training the training too rehearsed live and shooting as they carrying first team defenders need to maintain competence.
The second week was a basic training of units where all running and received individual guidance on running the tool and practice dealing with engineering hurdles using p this practice peaked in class exercises and company.

The bears woke up: p Gaza Division’s work in fighting Lilith

Can an anti-tank mines, and sand dunes with tricky offenses

The aim of the training was to raise a company operative service to wartime. “It was important for us to practice work without time and high intensity
Because we at least working on things like that on a daily basis, “said the company commander.
“The motivation was very high and the security commanders and soldiers at their incompetence has risen considerably. The seriousness and determination was also very high and hand bags
Experienced and younger soldiers, initially had difficulty because of darkness, and worked well, “said Captain Rauf.

The regular activities of the company, not during a military operation, is providing engineering solutions to various environmental threats, particularly cargo. They
Work together with places and the party of the Engineering Corps (סמו”ר) dealing with the area.

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