The catch at the end of the tunnel: what’s hiding in the Hamas terrorist nests underground?

פיר מנהרה שאותר בעזה. צילום: דובר צה”ל

Approximately 31 terrorist tunnels uncovered by the IDF during operation “Cliff”, one hundred were destroyed. Inside the tunnels uncovered hundreds of pounds of explosives, cables for tethering and anesthesia

תאריך: 26/07/2014, 22:37    
מחבר: שחר רופין, אתר צה”ל

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מנהרת טרור

The catch at the end of the tunnel: what’s hiding in the Hamas terrorist nests underground?

During the ground maneuver during operation “Cliff” IDF forces to severely the formation of Hamas. “Destroyed half of their abilities. Hit the underground in significantly advanced, and the offer we realize how much they invested in it and how much impact it strategically, “said IDF officer Haji site engineering’s southern command, Maj. Sagi. “Our goal is the credit of all the tunnels in the Gaza Strip, and fierce — and this is a very realistic goal. Have patience, allow us to achieve a thorough and comprehensive impact of security for our troops, “he added.

Until now the IDF uncovered 39 31 tunnels and shafts. 15 of them were destroyed completely by
Highly trained forces. IDF now working in “spring cleaning” – each cell were scanned on surface, mapped and found him all the shafts and the tunneling barrier. Then the victims through various means.

With the offer, sharpened the understanding among the IDF that the underground infrastructure to Israel territory. “Space cell is axis towards the Interior. Today we understand that most of the resources invested in Hamas. This project is very big in terms of concrete
Infrastructure and time spent – all in order to carry out the Israeli home front in quality, “explained Maj. Sagi. “Any tunnel has some splits, some are designed to allow infiltration of terrorists and some of them forged. Found under Israel territory explosives weighing hundreds of pounds, revealed.

An increase in the amount of intelligence information on tunnels

The tunnels are strewn all over the Gaza Strip – in the built-up areas, on the outskirts of town, orchards and homes. “We go from the assumption that all the shafts are booby-trapped, and that assumption no soldier wounded far from exposure-related activity and destroying the tunnels – a fact that is not self-evident,” noted major Sagi and he clarified that the shafts are perfectly reliable and most are booby-trapped. Special engineering units of heavy injury measures in order to prevent injury, the risk reduction method. “

Each tunnel found so far found on average between four to ten barrels of explosives and IEDs. In addition, cable tunnels and anesthesia, which seems designed to sunny terrorists when the abduction of an Israeli citizen or soldier, which considered the bombing a bargaining chip.

During the past year was an extensive intelligence work in order to locate tunnels.
The intent, which led to four tunnels are not stored in the months leading up to the terrorist operation “Cliff”. “Due to the increase in the amount of intelligence that came to us, we reveal four tunnels during the past year,” said Maj. Randall Jr. “We acted in a number of ways, including scans and drilling,” concluded.

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