The central command began to monitor all Watts and save 15 million

אילוסטרציה: לוחות סולאריים בבה”ד 1. צילום: דובר צה”ל

The money saved as a result of power efficiency, fuel and ships, is used to improve the conditions in Judea and Samaria to add training | Pillboxes connected to electricity

תאריך: 17/03/2014, 13:56    
מחבר: דנה פטרוב, אתר צה”ל

From a central command tiialim: mmarcht new pilot power monitoring two command bases led to savings of 2.5 million. During 2013 save the central command about 15 million, as a result of power efficiency, fuel and transport.

The new system was installed in the West Bank and at hatm Duvdevan unit, enabling officers to see at any moment the power mode and set lighting metrics according to room. The purpose of this system is to reduce power consumption with increasing the awareness and tracking data.

Until recently the system was primarily used in rear bases and intelligence
Central command, and they are the first to bring it to the surface. “The power of data
Would come once every two months, and few knew who consumed, head of central command, budgets Lt. Col. GAL Klein “The pilot can get consumer reports online. The pilot, seeing the decline in electricity consumption throughout the day.

חטמ”ר Samaria command was chosen to pilot because it was a large base and power unit, which was until recently in Judea and Samaria Division since July 2013, so the system was installed at the base, the power unit is down significantly.

The drop in savings of tens of thousands of dollars per month. “Negligible cost of
40 thousand dollars, a 30 percent efficiency in the power Division, that savings of over a million dollars, “noted חטמ”ר ‘s logistics officer, major ROI Ben-Shimon. “Every penny went to junior high with the money we saved we are rebuilding
Stationed at Yitzhar area, we were happy if he looks better. That money goes to the benefit of
The soldiers and that’s the message we’re sending “Division.

In light of the budget cuts, central command name for itself to become more efficient in
Electricity, gas and transport. Power monitoring system is expected to expand to other bases in the Judea and Samaria Division, focusing on bases with high power.

Additional efficiency plans include connecting the electrical infrastructure of pillboxes in order
To conserve fuel for generators and gas for heating. During 2014 going in to save 15 million dollars. “The money will go to reinforce training and adding a Government graph interoperability,” said Lieutenant Colonel Klein. “Instead of spending the money, give it to the things that are important to the army”.

Translated from Hebrew