The central command practiced coping with extreme escalation scenarios

התרגיל החטיבתי. צילום: דובר צה”ל

In the exercise had cut the Etzion hatm Dima extreme events. Brigade Commander: “the exercise is based on the visible and gsertit history”

תאריך: 26/02/2014, 14:55    
מחבר: דנה פטרוב, אתר צה”ל ודשה טס, “במחנה”


Hatm in Etzion sustained last week regimental exercise in order to prepare
The Division headquarters and forces her into a State of extreme escalation. During
The exercise came to the fore various terror scenarios, events on the axes and attacks directed to the rear. “We practice fast paced and bulk event escalation of events,” said Makhoul Etzion, Colonel Amit right. “The scenario draws with terrorist events, combined with the riots and popular resistance,” he added, noting that “the things that can really happen in the sector, based on the visible and gsertit history.

The Division deployed forces on the ground in order to respond to events, much of which flowed into the situation in a ceaseless intrusion events from communities such as migdal Oz, and Café; Through mass-casualty incident in Gush Etzion junction to humanitarian events such as shooting at tourists in Bethlehem.

The central command practiced coping with extreme escalation scenarios

The thousand years old last week. Strengthen the link between the IDF and the SJ police

The Etzion Brigade in the first exercise in a new technology which aims at strengthening cooperation between police and from the police and the security forces and of the settlement. “There condemned outright many military and civilian security forces, and was not a bond,” explained קשר”ח (regimental communications officer) Captain Muhammad Etzion neglected.

“It helps us for emergencies, each minute counts. Purpose of the system is to create a unified language among all the factors, which should reduce significantly time and improve performance look, as well as during events within the settlements, “said Captain alladin.

According to a report the exercise Etzion anti-climax for a long period of preparation the significant escalation scenarios. Preparations included, inter alia, operational planning processes, emergency districts and planning attacks. “We’ve made a variety of planning exercises, such as the תרג”דים their scenarios include the Divisional space. In addition, improved interfaces of the 2s, and the us, “said hatm.

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