The central command practiced double attack scenario at the tomb of the Patriarchs

מערת המכפלה בזמן התרגיל, השבוע. צילום: שובל נחום, דו”ץ

For the Jewish Passover exception, reaching 70,000 worshippers website,
Practiced in Judah being detached from the deadly terrorist attack “•” no matter whether Jews or Palestinian casualties are all “scenario.

תאריך: 20/03/2014, 14:50    
מחבר: דנה פטרוב, אתר צה”ל


20 years after the massacre at the tomb of the Patriarchs and just before the Jewish Passover exception, in practice this week hatm Yehuda casualty at the tomb of the Patriarchs. The scenario included a double suicide bombing, which injured about 40 people. “The likelihood of such a scenario is not divorced from reality, regardless of whether they’re Jewish or Palestinian casualties,” said the officer, Maj. Division agenda Amir Friedman. “An average day visiting the Cave some 800 people, but during the exception we are preparing to receive 70,000 worshipers inside. Therefore we are each scenario, including a suicide bombing against the population, “he added.

The central command practiced double attack scenario at the tomb of the Patriarchs

According to the scenario that practiced, one exploded inside a bus in the parking lot near the cave while the other absorbed inside the cave population, exploded a few minutes later. In order to create a credible exercise as possible, and smoke grenades to simulate the explosions.  “Casualty incident handling includes a concentration of treatment and evacuation of the wounded, mounted to the hospitals,” the Division’s medical officer, Captain Hisham Abu Saleh. “The medical response was quick and good exercise. Our aspiration is to stand when
Gold, and evacuate the injured to the hospital within the hour. “

During the exercise tested the ability of the Division to get medicine quickly event
And treat casualties. In addition, examine the cooperation with Jamaica, the body in charge of the tomb of the Patriarchs, which gave the initial response to the event. Preparation of an included tour of evacuation routes and to cooperation with d.
Time leap is integrated, “explained the crepe” IDF medical also has medical and Jewish community, and it doesn’t matter who comes first. The common goal is to save lives. “

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