The central command summarize Nakba day without exceptional events

אירועי “יום הנכבה” אתמול. צילום: גיל קרמר, דובר צה”ל

Honesty among the troops and coordination with Palestinian security forces led to the successful containment of the disturbances: “the events occurred as anticipated and there were limited in relation to last year.”

תאריך: 16/05/2013, 11:21    
מחבר: יעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל

The central command summarize Nakba Day in 2013 without exceptional events, following coordination with the Palestinian security forces and containing all the events in the various sectors by the security forces. Air Officer (of) of Judea and Samaria Division said that “the events occurred exactly as anticipated and the amount was smaller than last year, and frankly we couldn’t contain all notable incident.

Nakba Day which was held last night (Wed) totaled 24 cases in all sectors in
And that, to him, when the major centers concentrate on Benjamin and Etzion
As witnessed in the Division. “Compared to last year’s events were absolutely relaxed, except in the event of fire in the village of southwest towards צה”לי Jeep, told IDF website ogdati, the officer Lt. Col. Amit right. The incident in question occurred in the early afternoon, and thrown a petrol bomb toward a jeep during a patrol in the area, which led to the atapachotho of the vehicle that was on fire. Four soldiers were wounded when the vehicle they have succeeded to come out of the jungle before they flare up. Lieutenant Colonel right belonging not necessarily the Nakba day event.

15 firebombs were thrown in bitunya; Jungle fighter wounded

Today’s events included 15 throws Molotov cocktails in large order violation
On the same day in Beitunia which Benjamin. The apga, which contained 400 unruly, wounded warrior c. Additionally noted, disorderly at Qalandia checkpoint which included about 100 protesters and lighting tires on the square in Benjamin. At Etzion was registered in UM salamuna where protesters
Tried to advance toward the Jewish settlement of Neve Daniel, but than stopped by security forces, and Bethlehem, and disorderly in Abu Dis and Al-Khader. Intelligence factor in Etzion said hatm in all events: hatm and prepare them accordingly, and not registered.

The central command summarize Nakba day without exceptional events

Breach in bitunya, yesterday. Cinematography: Amit Braverman

At the Qalandia checkpoint coped with events from the crossings Erez battalion “in conjunction with the border patrol and gunnery fighters who arrived as reinforcement. 2nd platoon in headquarters battalion, second lieutenant Yulia zchrob, noted that the demonstration began at 11 a.m. with injections of several children and expanded with the day, but in its briefings and alerts were able to hold the stones, and the forces reinforce pushed into the refugee camp. The three, Sgt. Ariel Seltzer alien, adding that the fighters are dealing with riots in transition every week and therefore have dealt with current events in professional and determination.

The most violent demonstration on Nakba Day took place on the outskirts of the village of bitunya, and began at 10 a.m. and continued until nightfall. “In relation to the size of the demonstration we contain the very event of Greece several wounded Palestinians from gas inhalation.
Very low, and it’s a few, “said the officer, חטמ”ר agenda major June Amar. Majestic AJAX officer Judea, Chief, said Yaron polombo forces experienced in the issue of cows in the area and experts used for riot control and in the open-fire regulations, which wasn’t necessary in today’s events. Our ability to maintain restraint and Harrison is the one that leads to hold professional events, until the demonstration. Our goal is to prevent harm to innocent civilians and we emphasize and use the best tools to prevent it, “the officer said.

Translated from Hebrew