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תאריך: 12/04/2013, 14:54    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

״דגלון to factory falls is the Memorial project and Mufti, which in the last decade became flocks property in the event of the State of Israel, which rests on every grave military streamer across the country by the fourth representative.
The deposition of the pennants traditionally opens the pennant by Chief of general staff, Gen. Benjamin Gantz (), the main part buried in the military cemetery on Mount Herzl, where hidden spaces from the past.
At the ceremony where Chief, participating families who made their spaces in the Central Department in recent years. This practice exists since memory project that values.
In between the fourth and advice the Ministry of Defense, updated the procedure and now rests on the pennant of the last military added to mount Herzl military class, in addition to a pennant in part would be to continue the tradition that led so far along with the bereaved families.
In addition
It should be noted that in the vision, nothing to identify falls, the circumstances of the fall, religion or sex. If as a result of the procedure injured man known Chief regret.

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