Date: 06/11/2007, 12:00 am Sir, President
Sir, the Defense Minister and his wife
Former Security Ministers.
Mr. Moshe Arens and Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Yitzhak Mordechai,
Ceo Ministry of Defense
The Mayor of Jerusalem,
Former Government Ministers
Friends, former General Headquarters.
RAV Aluf (Res.) Moshe Ya’alon (logical) and Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Dan Shomron,
IDF reserve champions
Chairman of “”
In Foundation, Chairman
Chairman of the IDF, head of סיב”ט organization,
Well, my friend “,” IDF family, gaining Jerusalem today to 40 year reunion and salute, IDF returns. you salute and blessing.
I’m glad to meet friends here and bad, with some to serve, shoulder to shoulder on my life, mpcadii or pcodii.
Is the army recruiter to add boys and girls from around the nation by law service
Defense. However, many see, fortunately, not only compulsory military service that each in turn got her, but mostly.
Mainly apply things about those who choose to devote some of their notiiham, their powers and energies to long service years in the Israel Defense Forces, from a deep feeling and that is what we need and to ensure the existence and security of Israel.
Every generation contributed and contributes its own contribution
The State of Israel. Each generation in turn puts its layer in the shield. We, wearing the uniform of the day, know how to cherish and appreciate that they, and those who preceded us of previous generations who placed the message and building infrastructure of the IDF today, professional ability, and more importantly the beats.
Was always produced the elite serve. Therefore not surprising to find Porsche in key positions of donation and activity in the areas of education, economy and society — all from a deep feeling of love, commitment, and responsibility to society and the State: an obligation that does not end with the release of her uniform and streamlined shape and wearing new shapes.
From this we derive empowering today to continue the fight to ensure the life, security and peace to the people of Israel and the State of Israel.

At the opening of the year of the 60th anniversary of independence of the State of Israel, before we got to the rest and to the inheritance in the complex area in which we live. Before his conditions for acceptance and recognition in principle the right of an independent Jewish State. The era is not over, and these strategic
I bzirot more often: the IDF conducted to cope with a wide range of challenges. We are working on improving the preparedness and service of the IDF from the war along with the rest of the daily fight against terrorism. IDF is the only guarantee of our existence.

Tonight, you k this event in Jerusalem this year, we celebrate forty years her
Jerusalem symbolizes the point and purpose of our lives as antz what and why we are fighting.
And we will do everything to God we have to ensure that Jerusalem remains Israel’s capital forever.
And as the Prophet Isaiah said before 2700:
“Shmo walls of Jerusalem all day and all night.” (ס”ב ishiaho, verse 6).

To finish
From here good are more complicated and the recovery to the injured, the bereaved family will embrace and move and act to return the prisoners and troops missing in the home.

Blessed be and good evening to you all.

Translated from Hebrew