The Chief Military Rabbi of Haredi soldiers: “you are a great blessing to the people.”

החיילים בכנס. צילום: יוסי רוזנבוים

In a special symposium at Yad “armor for soldiers serving in orbit combining, the soldiers learned about the history of armored Corps and hear lectures. The revch: “the IDF will win these boys”

תאריך: 13/05/2013, 13:28    
מחבר: רותם פסו, אתר צה”ל

The soldiers serving as part of a course combining the Haredim (h) in the IDF assembled yesterday (Sunday) in the “armor” for Latrun for Special Conference. During the seminar met armored Corps history
Israel wars, heard lectures twice as rabbis and participated in tours of the site. The seminar was organized by ultra-Orthodox combination generation care about Commander Maj. Amir Mahadi, and attendees
Military Rabbinate representatives.

The Chief Military Rabbi (רבצ”ר), Brig. Gen. Rafi Peretz, greeted the soldiers carrying a significant service in the army. “I’m happy the IDF win
These boys of this nation are and take part. Is a great honor and privilege, “said Army Brigadier General. Continuing with the phenomenon of harassment to the annual uniform. “Sometimes treated in a dignified and worthy of precious uniform you put on you when you are walking in the streets. We all need to move on despite this period, specify revch.

Checkmate track soldiers deployed troops and even wings, and the military must allow preserving ways of life. “And the army Rabbinate also has a very clear intent – duty to live in.
I don’t think the two contradict each other, “said Brig. Gen. broke and added that” we will continue to consider ways of life — food, modesty, and keeping the Sabbath. ” He said the ultra-Orthodox integration continued to grow over time. “Everywhere I say willing to absorb more and more soldiers, triple and quadruple.
You do the job anywhere, said.

The Chief Military Rabbi of Haredi soldiers: “you are a great blessing to the people.”

The soldiers at the seminar. Come from the military.

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We swear on the Bible and the gun “

At a special ceremony to commemorate martyrs applies
Armour spoke as head of the military Rabbinate, Rabbi Lt. Col. Sharon tzabari. “We are a few days before holiday giving. Soldiers have fallen, and not us.
And we’re beating my Holy Communion service of Israel carved on the wall had been handed over here, “said Lieutenant Colonel sabari.

Long program combining Haredim, Maj.
Samson Klein, testified about the importance of the seminars are conducted within the army.
“The soldiers here have come to serve in the army values, tradition and heritage, and understand the importance of greatness. These seminars provide strength and power, and soldiers from the army sees that they are not alone and that they have each other, “herb Klein. In addition, major Klein between oath of allegiance to the IDF for further service of the hospital.
Swear on the Bible and the IDF weapons, especially the soldiers report that they have learning managers. This spiritual connection that gives the full backup service “, said herb Klein.

The Chief Military Rabbi of Haredi soldiers: “you are a great blessing to the people.”

Orthodox fighter praying during exercise “netzah Yehuda battalion”. Photo Archive: URI Shifrin, the IDF spokesperson

Referring to the terms of service of the runway, said Maj. Herb Klein that “maintaining the tone, kosher food, for Torah lessons
And unique work environment very important to us. We accompany the servants in full. ” He said the faith of ultra-Orthodox soldiers is not affected during their service. “Everyone came by choice to serve with the IDF and Israel through the army knew to put anxious clear-integration procedures in order that their values and their beliefs don’t hurt,” explained Rabbi Klein.

At the end of the day, the military admitted the soldiers of course, integration and gave them a blessing to continue their service. “You are part of the army. Things got a little tough, and that’s not easy. I say this out of esteem, “revch stressed” you anything, darters and a blessing to the people, the army, and our doctrine. Continued to do everything honestly, in good faith and dedication “, concluded.

Translated from Hebrew