The combination: Caracal battalion has completed training in the South

The warriors and warriors trained in prevention of intrusions and prevents refutes events and have improved their qualifications. Deputy Commander of the regiment: “we need to be more creative than the enemy.”

תאריך: 01/04/2014, 16:03    
מחבר: נעם ויטמן, אתר צה”ל

פיקוד הדרום

When warriors Caracal battalion lying on the ground when their cheeks drained on the micro-tavor weapon, it is difficult to distinguish between men and women. They are ready and alert in firing position, their screaming commands and with determination. In these moments.
Easy to identify one thing – they are all and all – warriors and warriors.

The combination: Caracal battalion has completed training in the South

When you look at the professionalism that the company exercises, warriors can understand.
Why was appointed to the task of protecting the western border of the State of Israel. The sector may seem quiet, but the threat of hostile terrorist activity (פח”ע), the entry of migrant workers and criminal smuggling attempts continue, and pose in front of the battalion the mission to prevent and thwart intrusions. “We are preparing for the threat of intrusion of Tin and to prevent infiltrators,” said IDF site conversation Deputy Battalion Commander, Maj. Jason Baer. “There are many infiltration attempts by criminal, and we make sure not confuse plili with the terrorists,” said.

Indeed, “the hourglass” was a watershed in terms of territory Israel astnnviot. Successful integration between the regiment and the physical block that set, that during the eight months were able to penetrate only four strangers into
Surface. “They continue to try and it’s not going to stop,” the major bar Tal and said that “we need to be more creative than the enemy.”

Study the enemy

In spring training of the regiment decided to focus on the class-level exercises, the Department and the company, when the main objective is to raise competence of warriors.
Three months ago the regiment regimental exercise, while operational employment.
“We learn how the enemy, and translators that why the fighters appear tomorrow,” Maj. Tal bar specification.

While training to also refer to the Brigade’s operations in the Valley, where the battalion is expected to return. The preparation of the warriors and warriors through workshops and sharpening.

Significant increase in the number of injuries.

For many watching, hard to watch without the focus on gender integration that exists. Although Caracal battalion exists for a long time, and even considered the option to raise another Regiment involved, but still some doubts in the place of women in combat roles.

The combination: Caracal battalion has completed training in the South

One of the main complaints is the subject of injuries, but the field data provide a snapshot
A different situation. “We can see a significant decrease in the amount of injuries,” said Maj. Tal bar.
“The fighters get unique equipment corresponding to them, as well as maintaining the amount of weights they likemy humps and nutrition”, elaborated. Recently added to the regiment dedicated physical therapist, provides solutions to injuries of warriors and fighters.

In addition, the regiment being involved raises claims regarding the relationships between
The warriors for Warriors. “Some couples in that nature. We take care to move soldiers and soldiering is one company to another, so that a pair of her company —
Makes no sense that a couple sitting together on a stakeout, “explained Maj. Tal bar. “We worry that it’s not
Interfere “, concluded.

Translated from Hebrew