The Commander of northern command: “דעא”ש, Hezbollah is a significant threat. “

צילום ארכיון: דובר צה”ל

In light of the warming the northern border, Maj. Gen. Golan said that Hezbollah no deterrent against worn out and verifying information in tunnels North || “Conflict in Israeli action would require strong and powerful.”

תאריך: 29/10/2014, 20:30    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

“דאע”ש are far from us, but that doesn’t mean that there is no potential risk factors with a neighboring area visible, said this morning the Commander northern command, major general
Yair Golan, IDF radio interview just before he ends his role as Commander of northern command, said the champion that more significant challenges on the agenda. “I don’t think we should exaggerate the threat, and we must not forget that the most significant threat is from the radical Shi’ite Islam, which is led by Iran and Hezbollah.

According to פצ”ן, Chief of the Hezbollah occasionally, internal considerations, action initiated against the State of Israel. An example of this type of event is the trunk.
Bear Mountain earlier this month as a result of which injured two soldiers, “a very significant challenge, his escalation potential is enormous,” said. “This is a very dangerous activity and therefore we should keep high alert next to quality Forex activity.”

Nevertheless, ACE Golan said that does not mean that Israel against Hezbollah hart damaged. “As we know, there are no absolute deterrence, it is known that each side has self restraint threshold beyond which is taking action,” he explained. “It is true for us as well as them. As shhizballa believes that he could not forbear is taking action, and that is true. That doesn’t mean there is no deterrence. The dichotomy of deterrence or have the wrong deterrence, “he clarified.

Champion Golan also discussed the threat of tunnels uncovered around the Gaza Strip during operation “Cliff”, and said that currently there is no information about the existence of mashsh tunnels in the northern border. “The situation is not similar to the situation around the Gaza Strip,” he said. “However, the idea of
Digging tunnels is no stranger to Lebanon and to Hezbollah. We should get a discount there
Tunnels, and need to find them and to prepare for it, “noted and added that” personally I think it’s overrated in this threat. It is possible to prepare against the threat. This is an operational challenge, but I think we’re torturing aren’t bad at all. “

On the northern border witnessed recently on global warming, and as part of preparations for the various scenarios have been produced in charge lessons from operation “Cliff”. “I take everything in, translates it into language North and try to figure out what to do facing a unique challenge,” Commander פצ”ן” clearly a threat to the northern sector is much greater, and probably will need to do much more emphasis and bigger intensity. “

Golan also stressed that “we need a champion to prepare that we shorten the duration and quick decision. Northern command ready to strike Hezbollah how strong resolute tone, and strongest, to shorten the campaign and remove the threat over the civilians as soon as possible.

Today, the challenges facing in most sectors include facing guerrilla warfare of the terrorist organizations, often in built-up area. Fighting is different than fighting
Against the regular army accustomed to over the years — but according to פצ”ן it comes to champion change gives the army an advantage. ‘ Asymmetry we hold side and flexibilities available to the larger army, they explained. “We’ve got a variety of responses, and we allow ourselves as responsible to choose the way you want and more in the army and the State of Israel.”

Champion Golan added that “asymmetric warfare, the strong, she eventually fighting martth us the best and most successful. However, we remember that the war is wrong, wrong, basically we want to avoid as much as possible. “

According to Golan, the champion of the home front in fighting against Hezbollah will be much greater. “We can’t satisfy her” umbrella “provided in the South by iron Dome,” he said. “I reckon we can intercept the missiles and rockets, heavy ones which cause more damage than the standard Katyusha rockets. This means that citizens will be given on
By active defense and by passive defense – mm and shelters.

Translated from Hebrew