Date: 17/02/2014, the IDF removed 12 that Gen. Yosef Geva, who in the past served as attaché to the United States and Canada, died today (Mon), 25 Adar Alef תשע”ד, 17 February 2014.
Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Joseph, 90 dead, leaving behind a wife and four children.
The funeral will be held tomorrow (Tue) תשע”ד י”ח BADR 1, 18 February 2014 at 3 pm at the military cemetery at Kiryat Shaul.
Gen. Yosef Geva brought to rest in full military ceremony his coffin carried by six officers with the rank of major general.
The General staff, General Benjamin (Benny) Gantz, general staff of the IDF, IDF commanders and soldiers in the regular and reserve army salute in memory and participate in the family.
IDF salute to Gen. Yosef Geva, his work, his legacy and long-standing contribution to the security of the State of Israel.

Translated from Hebrew