The “dramatic period Squadron for women in Israel

היוהל”ן בדיון השולחן העגול אתמול. צילום: יהודה ארי גרוס, דו”ץ

Brig. Gen. TEVET-Wiesel referred to a plan to change the period of service so that you use on the job rather than gender: “IDF in the past decade many factory about a service
Women in Israel

תאריך: 06/12/2013, 16:18    
מחבר: נעם ויטמן, אתר צה”ל

“In the last decade, the IDF has done a lot of things about the women in the military,
But the past year and a half are particularly dramatic years in connection with the service of women in Israel.
So says Rachel-incentive last General Wiesel, women’s Affairs Advisor, a Special Conference on the issue of women in the IDF. “you can see that in the country and speak finally about differential service by value rather than by gender.

The squadron was part of the “round table” in a joint Conference of the Israel democracy Institute and the Institute for national security studies. Head of the Institute for national security studies, major General Amos yadlin, reserve said at the Conference that “there is a link between the issue of the advancement of the status of women in the IDF and issues. The issue of women has to do with values and a strong army. Violation of equal value is not only ethical violation, this is harming the IDF’s power that all interest dealing. The IDF’s quality derives from arising from personnel motivation and values and we mustn’t lose 50% of potential “.

In recent years the squadron has expanded its activities to strengthen the Israeli women combination and prevent sexual harassment. Among the most notable appointments made since year Squadron
Last year the construction of the Center is (coping and support) for victims
Sexual assault and launching large-scale publicity campaign in IDF units.


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