The exclusion of Eilat shot not excited than 100 days of reserve duty per year

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The only one that preserves the southern city and oznkat terrorist events and rescue hostages, understand that it doesn’t take more than a few minutes ל”הקפצה” emergency procedure.
Special sneak peek

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מחבר: נעם ויטמן, אתר צה”ל

Within a few minutes are required to reserve the last warriors (combating terrorism) Eilat to leave their lives and stabilize as skilled fighters takeover events.
They already know that there is no choice: when you have an event to leave a woman writer, the visiting parents or children’s story time and perform their task – to protect the city.

The last fighters reached Eilat unit training in person, in order to maintain and service the unit shell. During the training the unit used in the unit structure and staff teams that investigated the intelligence information streamed to, architects
We planned the break-in and seizure of terrorists.

The exclusion of Eilat shot not excited than 100 days of reserve duty per year

In practice the only practiced urban warfare training, critical to the functioning of the unit and training unit consists of snatching that fighters also took a bus hijack.
“The Unit came to check the synchronization between all systems unit, explains to the IDF website, party Chief Capt. p. between practice exercises. “In addition, each team practiced the individual, relatively simple techniques: identifying, entering a room, how
To work in all kinds of situations. The difficulty level and towards the end of the week the exercises are more complex.

How it all began.

The Special Unit to the panels established by veterans in the early 1970s, based on independent and voluntary response to terrorist events in Eilat, but the real story of the last unit are started in 1989, when Jordan gets into shmachbl Kibbutz lotan clans, kidnaps and holed up girl, when we fear for her life.
The takeover of other dragons units, but we play a critical factor and their arrival takes time. Hotpot module Eilat, a small unit of time reserve, comes in top speed, but doesn’t have the training required for the takeover. Then the Army decided to allow them to run the event, and they do it successfully and save my life.
The girl.

Since the unit has participated in many operations and actions, including takeover of enemy planes that landed in the country (as in the case of an Iranian plane in ‘ 95). In the 2000s, after continuing to prove herself time and time again, the unit takes over. “

Raised again title only in August 2011, in an attack in December. In the event, a terrorist infiltrated through the Sinai Peninsula and committed a terrorist attack which killed six integrated civilians and wounding many. The unit was bouncing off the crossbar and came within a few minutes into the event. In cooperation with other forces of the IDF, who fought terrorists and kill them. In addition, the unit also launch event in Eilat hotel in 2012 where man took a gun and killed a security guard working at the hotel.

It seems that the current reality, the Eilat shaimim continue to be real,
The existence of the unit allows the residents to sleep peacefully at night. The only fighters as the service gives a lot of peace of mind, knowing that they can send their children to kindergarten and in each scenario, those who guard them.

Must be ready on time.

The unit is composed of takeover unit reservists and regular body is limited, “the IDF site Commander, Lieutenant Colonel. “We’re responsible for a geographic area, our goal is a takeover and rescue hostages. Due to remoteness of Eilat, a unit of great importance in maintaining the security of the city. “The distance of the fence is short and we have to maintain and be prepared at all times,” said Captain f. “There are many people who plan attacks and our job is to prevent them before they go to work, and if they happen to respond quickly.”

The exclusion of Eilat shot not excited than 100 days of reserve duty per year

There is great importance to retrial only fighters at any given time, and they tend to get
Often training to ensure the qualification required. In fact, the structure of the unit is unlike other infantry units, and more reminiscent of reserve service of pilots, adjacent to 100 days a year. “We practice once every few weeks and the only rule training twice a year, told IDF commander sailing site, Capt.
F. “We try not to stop living because of the many training and capzzot, but sometimes you have to do to achieve the goal. The work we do is around the clock, even when we’re not in the reserves.

“For my children is already used to see me in uniform, and there is no separation between work and school,” Army Lt. Col. z, the transition between normal life into fighting soldier needs mental paradigm is different. You’re not seriously disconnected from the army never.
In reality many looks obviously like to shirk the reserve service, go to the sense. “Everyone here is because he wants to be here and believes in order
You have to do, “said the IDF site Commander, Lieutenant Colonel. “When I recruited for training
The percentage reporting they 100% and always remain so. ” The commitment of these fighters reserves so high that one of the commanders that training departments married two days later.

The crossbar is not a reserve unit in Eilat. “Volunteerism brings them to c, where we of a military unit for everything and a reserve unit, scale number typical.
For example, not only a photo and animal hair shirt out of his pants as you might expect from a reserve unit. “We insist on discipline, shirt pants and shave,” he said. On the activities of the few warriors to talk due to high security clearance and a question that asked about their rush to call the reservists that they clarify the major f which subjects are allowed to speak.

Three necessary conditions for admission to the unit: living in Eilat or, to serve
A regular warrior and obtain high security clearance. Who tolach those three conditions, medical tests and personal interview, if he’s fit for service in the unit is sent to three weeks of a course at school. “Whoever ends the unit comes and goes almost a year’s training, which is joining teams and there is training of almost two years,” says the Commander of the unit.

Translated from Hebrew