The Gantz: the land maneuver-scenario doesn’t go away


Lieutenant General Benny Gantz spoke at a Conference in memory of Lt. General (Ret.) Amnon Lipkin Shahak and z refer to the strategic scene. “We have a moral justification for running
The power needed to protect our citizens, “explained

תאריך: 29/01/2014, 10:51    
מחבר: יעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל

Chief, Lieutenant General Benny Gantz, participated today (Wednesday) at a Conference in memory of former Chief of staff, Lieutenant General (Ret.) Amnon Lipkin Shahak, at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya. At the Conference, introduced the Gantz image-strategic mode of looking toward the future.

“Strategically the threat in the form of armies from storming towards us-haven’t gone away”, “Lt. General Gantz not sure come back and explain happen just look low, but nevertheless very complex challenges.

In relation to what is happening within the article that “Assad survives because it is supported by
Russia. When I look at I can’t see dooysiot Syria that Golan Heights, but
As Syria met it may lose its stability. Yesterday morning we had responsibility in the level of understanding that should respond more focused quality aware what’s going on and we are upgrading all operational capabilities “.

As for Lebanon, Lt. General Gantz said that “Hezbollah cannot be all there is to most countries of the world.” He said the chaos in Lebanon, it is not possible to assign actions to a specific organization. “We have to note that in each of the borders: each of our most challenged limits of the past,” he added.

“Manufacture of tools for all tkapis back”, he added, “the IDF Chief of staff in terms of procedure, emergency, war. The army has upgraded magnitudes than we knew before. ” Lt. General Gantz said the importance of the intelligence, and claimed that “no intelligence operational effectiveness.” He noted that
The State intelligence picture suggests that a large part of the weapons held by the enemy, are “under hospitals and residences.

He also taught cyberspace “leeway we need to deal with and we do it. Required sufficient national resources to this country will be in the field.
He pointed out that integration is the IDF combat network level you connect all the bodies
Together, a kind of operational Internet.

At the edge of his Chief also addressed the issue of defense budget and said that “we have an army fit for duty. We are in danger, in the last year, due to
Shabis axes ‘ – but we can’t afford a hollow army we radiates power. ” In this regard, said Lieutenant General Gantz IDF human component is the primary component necessary strengthening alongside the entries: “this above all, we have a moral justification to enable the power needed to protect our citizens. We need to run the vast scope and power required to achieve our goals. “

Translated from Hebrew