The HFC exists first aid course new volunteers during emergencies

צילום אילוסטרציה: דובר צה”ל

Urban aid course conducted for local authorities in the private sector and volunteers respond to skill preliminary snowfall events, earthquakes and natural disasters

תאריך: 15/07/2014, 23:49    
מחבר: אלעד הלפרין, אתר צה”ל

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פיקוד העורף

Against the backdrop of opening operation “Cliff”,
Designed to hit the terrorist infrastructure of Hamas in Gaza and to improve security in the South, recently took first aid course urban (סע”ר) first.
Which trained citizens from municipalities in the South of the country to provide initial emergency response. The course gives authorities the ability to independently provide initial response to missile fall scenario earthquakes and natural disasters. Talented course rescue volunteers a first aid and firefighting. The course is conducted in all municipalities of the country, and this time was carried out as part of the emergency preparedness in the private sector.

The training for dealing with events such as the fall of missiles and earthquakes is important for the private sector and citizens of Israel. “The goal is that the population will be prepared for emergencies. This is an important process that should reach to the other sectors, “said swing and officer in the province’s Southwest front command, Captain Bentley.

As part of the improvement process protection authorities belonging to the private sector, efforts are being made to contact members of the ADA through their leaders. This is reflected in the collaboration with the imams (prayer drivers). Another step was the existence of the Conference chaired by the Commander of the home front command, Maj. Gen. Eyal eizenberg, in June it reviewed before the imams
Emergency guidelines. Following the Conference, arrived in the HFC agreement with the imams that need to exist even in public mosques Friday prayers – which made it clear to residents the importance of the guidelines. “During the recent tensions in asked them to deliver emergency instructions in mosques”, revealed Captain Bentley. “We have reached all segments of the population,
This weekend saw the results. “

Another achievement of the programme is transferring alerts to the population through the mosques warning “completes” the warning added to the p.a. of the HFC. In recent weeks have reached an agreement on installing early warning systems at various mosques, so that bachirom is closer to bigger homes-they can be on time for the protected areas.

“Quick rescue could save lives.”

Additional parameters of the initial aid focuses on preparation of hospital Internet site, and was completed during the first week of operation. Geriatric Hospital “Rebecca” in Petah Tikva was the first training during the course. “The course prepares emergency hospitals better than normal, and likely will be caught unprepared much smaller. In case of destruction or fire-rescue fast can save lives “, said head of the community medicine in the home front command, Lt. Col. Aviv.

The course, held approximately 30 hospital employees in partnership with the city of Petah Tikva, future
To expand and reach several additional hospitals during the coming year. The home front command estimated that within a few years all hospitals in the country keep the talented teams to help myself. The course studied hospital employees to make their own life-saving operations using tools available in the hospital, and even the easy training, dedicated first aid, crush injuries and fire.

Translated from Hebrew